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Back on Schedule: Eliminating Patient No-Shows

June 27, 2017

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  • The cost of cancellations or no-shows at dental practices can be staggering.
  • Although the dental team is aware of mounting research connecting oral health to total health, the patient is not. 
  • To reduce cancellations and increase patient retention, communicate the urgency and value of dental treatment as a total wellness appointment for patients.

The top day-to-day concerns for dental practices are cancellations, no-shows, and hygiene productivity. Financially, one cancellation or no-show in hygiene per day means an estimated $20,000 a year in lost revenue. For most cancellations and no-shows, the number one reason is the patient’s perception of value.

In this educational eBook, four experts explain how to align the messaging of the dental team to emphasize the value of a healthy mouth, resulting in increased treatment acceptance, patient retention and acquisition, and fewer missed appointments. 

Patient cancellations are not inevitable. You can lower the number of lost appointments. Implementing an effective recare program that communicates the value of a hygiene visit is one of the most important things you can do to impact the profitability of the practice. The next time a patient calls to cancel or declines to schedule, you’ll be ready with a response.


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