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4 Ways Technology Maximizes Patient Engagement

Active marketing techniques to facilitate communication

By Naomi Cooper

November 20, 2014


  • Your marketing plan should include a well-planned technology strategy
  • Facilitating patient communication can be easy, even automatic
  • Patient feedback can help improve and promote your practice
  • Getting seen by new patients online may be easier than you think

Attracting new patients, increasing patient compliance, and getting quality referrals are all common problems that can be solved through the right technology. Because patients are more tech–savvy than ever before, a main benefit of using e–communication, surveys/online reviews, responsively designed websites, and social media is better patient communication and engagement.

About the Author

Naomi Cooper is president and founder of Minoa Marketing and chief marketing consultant for Pride Institute. She is a respected dental marketing strategist, consultant, author, speaker, and industry opinion leader. Naomi teaches Pride’s groundbreaking marketing courses and works with individual dentists to craft and implement a customized modern marketing plan. She also consults for leading companies across the dental industry, developing a cohesive marketing approach and creating momentum for their marketing efforts aimed at the dental profession and the dental consumer. She can be reached via email at naomi@minoamarketing.com, and she blogs regularly at www.minoamarketing.com. For regular updates from Naomi, including dental marketing/social media tips and tricks, follow her on Twitter (@naomi_cooper) or "like" Naomi Cooper — Minoa Marketing on Facebook at www.fb.com/minoamarketing.

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