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Inside Dentistry
March 2024
Volume 20, Issue 3

By the Numbers

58% of the respondents to an Inside Dentistrysurvey reported that they prefer total-etch bonding systems to self-etch ones.

Feldspathic ceramics, which consist of a blend of leucite (potassium aluminosilicate) and glass, demonstrate low to medium flexural strength of up to 120 MPa.1

In vitro research has shown that the use of adhesives accompanied by a separate primer containing both silane and 10-MDP results in stronger bond strengths than the use of universal adhesives alone after 1 year of water storage.2

1. Blatz MB, Conejo J, Alammar A, Ayub J. Current protocols for resin-bonded dental ceramics. Dent Clin North Am. 2022;66(4):603-625.

2. Cardenas AM, Siqueira F, Hass V, et al. Effect of MDP-containing silane and adhesive used alone or in combination on the long-term bond strength and chemical interaction with lithium disilicate ceramics. J Adhes Dent. 2017;19(3):203-212.

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