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Inside Dentistry
March 2024
Volume 20, Issue 3

Adhesion Resources

The Bonded Single-Wing Zirconia Bridge

J. William Robbins, DDS, MA; Marcela G. Alvarez, DDS, MSD; and Hiro Tokutomi, CDT

This article presents a conservative and esthetic treatment option to replace missing maxillary
lateral incisors.

Conservative Treatment Through Adhesive Dentistry

Melissa Seibert, DMD

This continuing education article examines the patient benefits of minimally invasive preparation and discusses the categorization of adhesive systems by generation and etching mode, the clinical efficacy of adhesives, nonretentive restorations and preparations, bonding to dentin, and techniques to improve success in adhesive dentistry.

Composite Versus Ceramic for Large Posterior Restorations

Jihyon Kim, DDS

This article challenges the bias that ceramics should be preferred over composites for restorations that involve cuspal coverage and discusses the various benefits of using direct and indirect composites in these situations.

Restoring a Tooth With a Short Clinical Crown

Dennis J. Fasbinder, DDS

This article reviews perspectives regarding material selection, tooth preparation, and delivery techniques to help clinicians engineer optimal clinical outcomes based on current clinical research.

Hybrid Ceramic Permanent Restorations

Russell A. Giordano II, DMD, DMSc

This continuing education article examines the advantages and drawbacks of machining and 3D printing, compares the physical and mechanical properties of various restorative materials, explores the relationship between the amount of filler content and elastic modulus, and presents evidence for 3D printed materials for permanent restorations.

The Benefits of Glass Ionomers in Restorative Dentistry

Theodore P. Croll, DDS, and Joel H. Berg, DDS, MS

This article reviews the history of glass ionomer cements in dentistry and discusses some of their drawbacks and benefits, including the release of fluoride ions.

The Nonretentive Ceramic Overlay

Steven Schiffenhaus, DMD

The nonretentive overlay presents many advantages as a biomimetic alternative to the traditional crown preparation in situations that require full occlusal coverage. This article discusses how these restorations conserve more tooth structure, help extend the restorative life cycle of the tooth, and maximize the fracture resistance of ceramic materials.

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