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Inside Dentistry
May 2023
Volume 19, Issue 5

Accur8™ Hydroactive Impression Material

1. Handling. The tray materials demonstrate excellent flowablity and are designed to prevent the over-displacement of light body material to ensure impression accuracy of less than 2 microns.

2. Accuracy. The chemistry combines a unique branched resin, a more refined filler, and even distribution of the surfactant to enhance accuracy.

3. Stability. The unique branched resin facilitates three-dimensional crosslinking, which results in extremely high tear strength upon removal of the impression from the mouth.

4. Ideal set times. The long working time allows dentists to syringe multiple preparations, while the heat-activated, quick intraoral setting time minimizes time in the mouth.

5. No bounce. Bite registrations cure intraorally in 45 seconds and will not compress during articulation at the dental laboratory.

Accur8 Hydroactive Impression Material utilizes superior chemistry and technique-designed viscosities to provide accurate impressions as well as doctor- and patient-friendly working and setting times. Accu8 is one component of a comprehensive preparation-to-polish restorative system available from Brasseler USA. The products in the system are compatible, offer options for varying techniques, and are designed to help achieve more predictable outcomes.


Available viscosities: light body, heavy body, rigid tray, and bite registration

Available setting times: regular set for impressions of multiple teeth and fast set for single preparations

Available quantities: packs of 2 and 12 cartridges

Brasseler USA • 800-841-4522

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