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Inside Dentistry
January 2023
Volume 19, Issue 1

Venus® Diamond and Venus® Pearl Nano-hybrid Composites

1. Venus® composites feature exclusive Kulzer TCD-urethane resin, which provides excellent durability against chipping/cracking, low shrinkage, and high flexural strength.

2. Your choice of handling characteristics—Venus Diamond for a more firm consistency or Venus Pearl for a creamy consistency.

3. Both are free of BPA and bis-GMA monomers, which produces restorations with greater biocompatibility, particularly for medically compromised patients and children.

4. Available in all VITA Classical A1-D4® shades as well as specialized Kulzer shades, such as Clear, HK A2.5, A5, and ONE shade options.

5. Excellent esthetics can be achieved due to unique chemistries and shade availability, whether using a single shade application or an intricate layering technique.

"Kulzer's Venus composites offer clinicians a variety of material and shade choices. I have the option of using a single-shade Venus for simple restorations or an entire pallet of shades in different viscosities for more complex cases. Venus composites produce strong, esthetically beautiful restorations."

Robert C. Margeas, DDS
Des Moines, Iowa


High radiopacity: equivalent to 3 mm of aluminum
Venus Diamond: filler 82%; filler size 5 nm to 20 µm
Venus Pearl: filler 77%; filler size 5 nm to 5 µm
TCD-urethane resin monomer: improved reactivity of double bonds provides a strong network
Features: increased mechanical properties and improved biocompatibility


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