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Inside Dentistry
December 2022
Volume 18, Issue 12

A New Simplified Universal Composite

Daniel H. Ward, DDS, on G-ænial™ A’CHORD

Many universal composite materials have been developed that simplify restorative protocols, reducing procedural time and costs while increasing efficiency. They have the physical properties to be used in just about every situation. Some have even been designed to reduce the number of shades that are required, and several only require the use of a single shade to match the natural tooth structure for any restoration. Because the chemistry behind single-shade materials makes them more translucent, they work well in smaller restorations but give a gray cast in larger restorations with limited underlying tooth structure. For a material to work in restorations of all sizes, it must have optimal properties of opacity and translucency. This allows it to be used more universally; however, the tradeoff is that it requires a few more shades.

GC America has introduced a new universal composite, G-ænial A'CHORD, that is able to be used in Class I, II, III, IV, and V restorations of all sizes. The material features an advanced filler particle technology that increases its strength and wear resistance as well as helps maintain its surface gloss for a longer period of time. Its simplified shade system is able to achieve the esthetics of all 16 shades in the VITA® classical shade system with only 5 core shades that mimic the fluorescence of natural tooth structure. These properties allow strong, invisible restorations to be produced with a reduced inventory and less polishing, making it both efficient and cost-effective.

Recently, a patient presented to my practice with multiple cervical lesions. A simplified solution was desired so that the many restorations could be quickly placed and look uniformly matched. Small amounts of several shades of G-ænial A'CHORD were placed on the surface of one of the teeth and polymerized. Shade A-1 was deemed to be the most invisible. As with all composite restorations in my office, several PLTs of the selected shade were placed into the composite warmer. The teeth were prepared, and then a selective enamel etch technique was used, followed by a two-step bonding agent, G2-BOND Universal, to obtain very high bond strengths. Next, the composite was placed in single increments over each of the prepared teeth and shaped from the center toward the margins. A fine brush was used to smooth the surfaces and obtain more precise anatomy. After the composite was well cured, a very fine finishing bur was used to achieve the final shape of the restorations. A composite placement instrument was used to hold the marginal gingiva apically to blend the composite with the root surfaces. To smooth the restorations, a finishing carbide was used, and the definitive margins were shaped coronally using a composite finishing wheel followed by polishing points. Upon seeing the final results, the patient expressed that she was ecstatic about her new smile.

Unlike some single-shade solutions, G-ænial A'CHORD is a universal composite that works well in many more situations—I recommend that you try it!

Key Takeaways

• Truly universal. A composite that may be used for anterior and posterior cases and for cavities large and small.

• Simplified universal system. Five core shades achieve the esthetics of all 16 shades in the VITA® classical shade system, which is difficult for one-shade systems to accomplish in larger restorations.

• Proprietary technology. The Full-coverage Silane Coating (FSC) and High-performance Pulverized CERASMART (HPC) filler provide high strength, excellent gloss retention, and optimal stain and wear resistance.

• Natural fluorescence. Creates a beautiful and invisible result that looks natural in any light, including black light.

Daniel H. Ward, DDS
Fellow Academy of General Dentistry
Fellow, American Society for Dental Aesthetics
Private Practice
Columbus, Ohio


GC America Inc.

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