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Inside Dentistry
November 2022
Volume 18, Issue 11

Matrix1™ Rapid Provisional & Lingual Matrix Material

1. Fast. Sets in only 30 seconds, shortening procedures to minimize chair time and patient discomfort.

2. Accurate. With ideal flow properties, Matrix1 captures details and preserves margin integrity with less flash.

3. Versatile. Fabricate matrices for temporary restorations as well as lingual matrices for the composite layering technique.

4. Stable. With high tear strength, Matrix1 releases easily and maintains distortion-free impressions.

5. Uniquely blue. Found only at Brasseler, the blue color provides high contrast with the dentition.

Matrix1 is an ultra-quick, ultra-accurate silicone matrix material that flows into embrasure areas and into the finest morphology to capture superior detail in 30 seconds. Matrix1 is one component of a comprehensive preparation-to-polish restorative system available from Brasseler USA. The products in the system are compatible, offer options for varying techniques, and are designed to help achieve more predictable outcomes.


Ultra-quick, ultra-accurate silicone matrix material

Combines ease of use, efficiency, and accuracy for outstanding clinical solutions at a competitive price

Available in packs of 2 and 12

BRASSELER USA • 800-841-4522

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