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Inside Dentistry
October 2022
Volume 18, Issue 10

Professional Whitening Made Easy

Ivoclar’s VivaStyle® Whitening Program combines premium quality with convenience and affordability

Dimple Desai, DDS

At a high-end cosmetic dental practice, convincing patients that the premium prices are justified is not always easy. For Dimple Desai, DDS, the owner of Luminous Smiles of Newport Beach in Newport Beach, California, that is why patient communication is almost as important as clinical skills. "Distinguishing yourself in terms of how you use your products is critical," Desai says. "You need to understand how to optimize the products that you use, but you also need to explain to patients how your clinical skills and use of premium products make your services different from those of the dentist down the street."

Desai emphasizes quality when patients ask her, for example, why veneers cost more at her practice than at another. "I tell them that I use only the best and that I take great care with every step. I do not cut corners," she says. "It is up to the patient to decide whether he or she wants veneers that will last for a long time or veneers that are questionable." One patient asked Desai if it was common for a composite filling to fall out after 1 week, and Desai told her that it had never happened in her practice. "However, as a patient, you do not know the difference between what dentist A is doing and what dentist B is doing," she says. "That is why I explain every step of every procedure in words that patients can understand. I do not tell them that I am sandblasting the crown with 23 μm aluminum oxide at 40 psi, but I do tell them that I am disinfecting the crown after trying it in. If you explain yourself well, and the patient can see how methodically you work, they will understand what differentiates you from your competition. It is all about communication and consistency. Even if it is a patient's fifth crown with me, I still explain what I am doing every time."

One treatment that Desai often utilizes in her practice—including for nearly every bonding procedure—is whitening. "I always have the patient whiten to the ideal shade," she says, "so we always know what the results of the bonding will look like." Popular over-the-counter whitening options do not provide the high level of quality or the convenience that Desai wants for her practice; therefore, she was excited to try the newly created VivaStyle® Whitening Program from Ivoclar. Dentists can start to grow their whitening sales with a better, more convenient way for patients to receive professional whitening solutions from a trusted manufacturer while generating additional income from each sale.

VivaStyle includes three take-home solutions that are designed to meet the lifestyle needs of different patients. The VivaStyle Whitening System features a unique, three-step process that activates, whitens, and conditions teeth using whitening gel in custom trays for comprehensive and safe treatment with optimal results of up to 10 shades in 10 days.1 Alternatively, the VivaStyle LED Whitening System features a whitening pen paired with an LED light to give patients a fast, 15-minutes-per-day treatment that results in little to no sensitivity according to reports in clinical trials. And finally, VivaStyle Teeth Whitening Strips offer a simplified, one-step solution for patients on the go that has a 91% clinical approval rating.2

Desai achieved positive outcomes with all three systems in initial testing with her patients. "They all definitely changed shades," she says. "The patient who used the strips went from 1.5 M2 to 1 M1, and the other two each went from 1 M1 to 0.5 M1. They all noticed the shade change and significant reduction in staining and told me that they did not think that their teeth could get that bright." According to Desai, the patients also reported no postoperative sensitivity and that the products were easy to use at home. "There were no struggles because all three treatment systems were simple to operate," she says. In addition, the relatively small amount of time required for each of the options presents a major advantage when compared with over-the-counter products. "Duration is a big deal for me," Desai says. "Some whitening systems require that patients consistently use them for 30 minutes at a time, twice a day, and many do not have time for that. The VivaStyle system is quick, easy, and effective."

When Desai tells her patients about the VivaStyle Whitening Program, she emphasizes her professional opinion of Ivoclar as a manufacturer. "I tell them that Ivoclar is an amazing company and that I use a lot of their products. I also encourage patients to check out the company on their own," she says. "Furthermore, I inform patients that certain other over-the-counter whitening systems just do not offer the same level of quality. I recommend using a company that has done its research, has extensive whitening knowledge, and offers different concentrations of materials. Patients understand that."

Beyond being effective, the VivaStyle Whitening Program is also affordable and easy to access. The VivaStyle Whitening System costs $150.00, the VivaStyle LED Whitening System costs $199.99, and the VivaStyle Teeth Whitening Strips cost $79.99. Ivoclar notes that offering professional-caliber options at an affordable price was a priority. Dental practices that participate in the program have the option to have their own VivaStyle online store with additional tools and resources that can help drive patient interest and grow whitening sales. "Patients are always on their phones," Desai says, "so the ability to order something easily while sitting in the chair is important." This provides an opportunity for dental hygienists to get involved as well because dental professionals receive a commission for every order placed by their patients through the website.

Although convenience is a priority, Desai still places the heaviest emphasis on quality. "Every product that I sell, I first test on myself," she says. "I tell my patients, ‘Who am I to say you should purchase this product if I have not experienced it myself?' You need to believe in what you sell and practice what you preach, and I definitely plan to continue to use the VivaStyle Whitening Program on myself."

Key Points

The VivaStyle Whitening System involves a three-step process that activates, whitens, and conditions teeth with optimal results of up to 10 shades in 10 days.1

The VivaStyle LED Whitening System features a whitening pen paired with an LED light to give patients a fast, 15-minutes-per-day treatment.

VivaStyle Teeth Whitening Strips provide a simplified, one-step solution for patients who want to get a brighter, whiter smile on the go.

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