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Inside Dentistry
August 2022
Volume 18, Issue 8

A Leader in the Oral-Systemic Movement

DenMat provides products and resources to advance whole-body health via periodontal care

Barry Trexler and Kelsey Swiggett

DenMat has been an innovator at the forefront of the dental industry for nearly 50 years, providing transformative products such as Lumineers®, the new Zen CP+ desensitizing gel, and two of the most popular diode lasers on the market. More recently, the company has invested in new manufacturing technology, such as state-of-the-art 3D printing, and has devoted significant resources to advancing its material supply. "As a manufacturer, DenMat is uniquely qualified to provide a broad portfolio of restorative solutions, hygiene products, and dental equipment to practices," says Barry Trexler, the company's executive vice president of sales and marketing.

When you are an industry-leading manufacturer, providing innovative solutions for the latest trends in the profession is critical. That is why DenMat is leading the way in periodontal solutions to address the oral-systemic health connection with Perio Restore® oral cleansing gel, a 1.7% hydrogen peroxide gel that is formulated to help patients keep periodontal disease at bay in between dental visits. It is used in conjunction with personalized periodontal treatment trays, such as the Perio Restore customized tray system. "This is a unique, at-home periodontal treatment system that is adjunctive to standard hygiene protocols in the practice and promotes compliance between office visits," Trexler says.

Since its discovery, the oral-systemic health connection has been well documented. The US Surgeon General has reported on it multiple times, and Trexler notes movements such as Pacific Dental Services' The Mouth-Body Connection®. "We firmly endorse and believe in this approach, which will advance the awareness that patients should have about the link between bacterial inflammation in the mouth and general health," he says.

Kelsey Swiggett, a DenMat senior business development manager who specializes in periodontal treatments and the oral-systemic connection, notes that research has shown that half of all heart attacks and strokes are triggered by bacteria that reside in the mouth.* "It is more critical now than ever for patients to understand that the mouth is not separate from the rest of the body and that making small changes in the mouth can lead to big changes for the body," Swiggett emphasizes. "Maintaining better periodontal health is a very simple step toward being healthier overall. Perio Restore is easy to use and it whitens your teeth and freshens your breath."

According to Swiggett, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand among patients for at-home oral healthcare products has increased. "They understand that two or three in-office cleanings per year are not enough to keep them healthy," she says. At the same time, individualized treatments are another trend, and Perio Restore fits that mold as well. "Many offices have ‘Type 1, Type 2, Type 3' treatment regimens," notes Swiggett. "Perio Restore treatment is based on each patient's anatomy and individual needs. It is not, ‘Here is your electric toothbrush; good luck.' It is, ‘Here is your electric toothbrush and your custom home care treatment to accompany it.' We believe that this will eventually be the standard of care." In many cases, Swiggett adds, the positive results of Perio Restore can make patients more compliant with other at-home care behaviors and even more accepting of restorative treatment. "Feeling better leads many patients to value their health more, which can motivate them to invest in recommended restorative treatments," she says.

Trexler emphasizes that DenMat can work with entities of any size, from individual private practices to the largest DSOs, on implementing Perio Restore treatment. "We are seeing DSOs, such as Pacific Dental Services, invest in new approaches, products, and support to provide new solutions to their patients for the treatment of periodontal disease," he says, "and we are working with several DSOs who have implemented our oral health products and solutions, including Perio Restore."

DenMat's commitment to this area of oral health extends beyond Perio Restore to encompass other solutions as well. "We have an extensive portfolio for soft-tissue management and oral hygiene that includes Perio Restore, the ViziLite PRO® oral lesion screening system, the Rotadent ProCare® professional rotary toothbrush, fluoride toothpastes, oral rinses, and more," Trexler says. "We have identified and invested in soft-tissue management and oral hygiene as key value propositions for DenMat."

The ViziLite PRO system, which utilizes blue light LEDs to visually identify early-stage cancer lesions as well as other abnormal intraoral tissue formations that may occur, can be particularly impactful for practices. "We know that the top two reasons for malpractice lawsuits in dentistry are failure to diagnose periodontal issues and failure to diagnose oral cancer,"* Swiggett says. "The ViziLite PRO employs biofluorescent light that allows clinicians to see lesions developing, potentially below the tissue level, and catch cancer at stage 1 or stage 2, at which point there is a greater than 90% chance of survival."*

In addition to innovative products, DenMat also offers support and education to further advance periodontal and oral-systemic health. "We encourage all practices that are interested in developing their periodontal programs to take advantage of the webinars, hands-on courses, and other offerings that our education team provides," Swiggett says. "We take a consultative approach, and we can support and guide them toward whatever their goals may be."

All of this is part of how the company is embracing its role as a leader in the industry since 1974. "We have established amazing manufacturer expertise over the course of nearly 50 years," Trexler says. "A strong manufacturer is one that is listening to the market and providing the right solutions at all levels while being in compliance with applicable governing bodies, such as the US Food and Drug Administration. DenMat does all of the above. We are not only a strong manufacturer that provides products and solutions that are relevant to what is occurring in the industry today but also one that is easy to work with. We are focused on providing extraordinary care to practices and their teams and extending that to their patients."

*Data on file.


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