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Inside Dentistry
June 2022
Volume 18, Issue 6

Changing Patients’ Lives With Complex Implant Dentistry

Zest’s ENCOMPASS™ offers an all-inclusive overdenture solution

David Little, DDS

As the owner of a multidisciplinary dental practice in San Antonio, Texas, David Little, DDS, performs everything from routine dentistry to complete complex restorative and implant dentistry. After graduating from the UT Health San Antonio School of Dentistry in 1984, Little decided to attempt to do something that most new graduates were not doing at the time—start his own practice completely from scratch. By starting his own practice, he was able to create the kind of multidisciplinary and collaborative environment that he felt would most benefit his patients. Although it took time to build and establish, Little's practice now brings in every kind of specialist on a rotating basis so that their patients' complete dental care can be provided under one roof. "Having pretty much every specialty rotate through the practice enables us to collaborate on a lot of cases, which really benefits the patients," he says. "In addition, I have an associate, Brittany Seifert, DDS, and a full complement of excellent team members who have been with me for a long time, so we are able to provide great care for our patients."

In addition to running his own practice, Little is also a passionate educator. He has served as an adjunct clinical professor at his alma mater and lectures internationally. His clinical research focuses on dental implants, technology, digital workflows, and lasers. By sharing his findings and expertise on emerging restorative techniques, Little hopes to contribute to the improvement and evolution of the fields of esthetic dentistry and implantology. "I think that what we do in dentistry is a gift, especially for edentulous patients" he says. "I get a lot of satisfaction out of getting them back in the game, allowing them to eat what they want instead of just what they can, and making it so that they can smile with confidence. It's not just about the teeth; there's a much bigger emotional aspect there as well."

In order to successfully plan and execute the complex implant cases that Little's practice undertakes, he relies on a powerful implant solution. "The Zest ENCOMPASS overdenture solution is an incredible concept because it really focuses on the edentulous patient and allows us to create a restoratively driven virtual plan," Little says. "Once we gather data from a cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan and either a conventional impression or an intraoral scan, we can design our virtual plan such that we know exactly where the teeth are going to be in advance."

Like many dentists, Little has been aware of Zest Dental Solutions for a long time. He started using the LOCATOR® Attachment System back when it was more popular to retain a partial or complete denture by placing LOCATOR abutments into patients' endodontically treated roots rather than implants. As the technology and procedures have evolved, he has since started using Zest's implants with the LOCATOR abutments. "The LOCATOR system is simple, easy to use, and easy to maintain," Little says. "When you work with Zest, you know that the company stands for quality and, therefore, all of their parts will be of superior quality."

A fairly new, cutting-edge system, encompass is an all-inclusive solution that provides everything that clinicians need in order to deliver implant-retained overdentures in just one box. Its cloud-based, digital workflow delivers enhanced case planning and efficiency for the clinician, streamlining the entire process to help reduce patient visits by as much as as 50%, save more than 120 minutes of chair time per patient on average, and create an overall better patient experience. With ENCOMPASS,  clinicians receive prosthetically driven case planning; a premium digitally produced denture; options that include 2, 4, or 6 LOCATOR implants; LOCATOR abutments; a processing pack for each implant; CHAIRSIDE® Attachment Processing Material; a CHAIRSIDE® Tapered Carbide Bur; a CHAIRSIDE® Rubber Finishing Bur; and more. "The ENCOMPASS system has everything that you need to complete a case," says Little. "The denture even incorporates a microchip for identification, and the box includes a removal tool for patients."

This all-in-one-box solution also helps practices control costs. According to Little, by having all of the materials and tools included in one box, his practice is better able to estimate the total cost of treatment for each patient and charge a single flat case fee. "With ENCOMPASS, you know what your costs are, and that can really help to enable more patients to be able to accept the treatment," Little says. "In the end, it's the patient who benefits. And because the treatment is carefully thought out from the beginning, the results are therefore more predictable, and that benefits both the patient and the dentist."

For Little, working with a great company that offers cutting-edge technology empowers him to perform the types of complex implant cases that he is most passionate about. "Zest has great people in their business and great customer service," Little says. "They listen to the suggestions from clinicians like myself and use that information to continue to improve their technology to be the best it can be."

Key Points

ENCOMPASS is an all-in-one solution for implant-retained overdentures that streamlines cases and reduces chair time.

Prosthetically driven case planning facilitates accurate, predictable, and repeatable results.

The LOCATOR Attachment System is simple, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

An all-inclusive solution helps practices to better estimate the total cost of treatment, which can improve patient treatment acceptance.

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