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Inside Dentistry
December 2021
Volume 17, Issue 12


1. Innovation. Ushering in a new era of shade-matching, Smart Chromatic Technology allows OMNICHROMA's single shade to match all 16 VITA colors.

2. Longevity. Over time, OMNICHROMA will shift its color to shade-match to the tooth as it naturally stains and darkens and even after bleaching.

3. Versatility. OMNICHROMA is suitable for almost all types of direct anterior and posterior restorations.

4. Reliability. Excellent physical properties provide durable, esthetic restorations that demonstrate high strength, high polishability, and strong resistance to wear.

5. Simplification. OMNICHROMA simplifies your inventory and streamlines the restorative process, reducing procedural times and eliminating the margin of error associated with shade matching.

"OMNICHROMA is a groundbreaking restorative material—a win-win for all dental practices. No need to stock 30 composite shades that take up space and are likely to expire before you use them. OMNICHROMA is so economical, and it works great!"

Peter Auster, DMD
Pomona, New York


Universal use for direct anterior and posterior restorations, direct bonded composite veneers, diastema closure, repair of porcelain/composite

Smart Chromatic Technology: 260-nm, supra-nano spherical fillers reproduce the color of the surrounding tooth structure

OMNICHROMA: PLT (0.2 g, 20 tips) and syringe (4 g); OMNICHROMA FLOW syringe (3 g, 10 metal tips)

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