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Inside Dentistry
December 2021
Volume 17, Issue 12

Bluewave™ Soft Tissue Diode Laser

1. Diode lasers cut soft tissue, cauterize nerve endings, coagulate blood vessels, and sterilize the surgical site all at the same time, producing more predictable surgical results
with faster and more comfortable healing.

2. The Bluewave is an easy-to-use and versatile laser that is suitable for a wide range of soft tissue procedures. Simplifying treatment protocols for enhanced procedural efficiency, the Bluewave features three intuitive pre-programmed settings (debride, perio, and cut) plus one custom setting.

3. Bluewave is a powerful soft tissue laser that emits the optimal wavelength of 810 nm, providing the highest affinity to hemoglobin and melanin.

4. Benefits for the clinician include incremental revenue through additional procedures kept in the office, increased patient acceptance, and more patient referrals. Laser dentistry has the ability to enhance virtually all soft tissue procedures and expand the scope of in-office periodontal treatments offered.

5. The unique blue aiming beam produces higher contrast when viewed against blood and oral tissue than a traditional red beam, resulting in greater visibility and accuracy.

"The Bluewave Soft Tissue Diode Laser is a very light, yet powerful, piece of equipment that allows me to travel from operatory to operatory with ease. Whether I’m performing gingival contouring, a frenectomy, or a simple gingival troughing procedure for impression taking, the Bluewave performs with great accuracy and e  ciency.”

Troy Schmedding, DDS, AAACD
Walnut Creek, California


Lightweight and rechargeable with a cordless foot pedal, the Bluewave is completely portable for effortless movement between operatories, and it allows for up to 3 hours of continuous use on its rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Disposable tips (Regular 4 mm, Perio 9 mm) are designed for convenience and safety by eliminating the extra steps of stripping or cleaving of fiber.

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