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Inside Dentistry
September 2021
Volume 17, Issue 9

Make Starting Digital Dentistry Easy and Affordable

Karen Nation, DMD, on the Whip Mix VeriONE digital workflow

There are very few dentists practicing today who are unaware of the dynamic shift occurring within the profession from conventional, analog protocols to digital ones. Although most offices use some type of digital equipment, relatively few employ digital manufacturing technology.

In 2021, the use of 3D printing technology is growing by leaps and bounds in both the dental laboratory and the dental office. A fast-growing number of intraoral scans is being sent to many laboratories instead of conventional impressions in order to guarantee accuracy, a high level of detail, and repeatability. Study and working models, surgical guides, splints, custom trays, temporary and permanent crown and bridge restorations, and even dentures are being 3D printed by laboratories daily at just a fraction of the cost of conventional manufacturing.

Whip Mix now offers today's dentists the opportunity to print these in their own offices. This service is especially useful for practitioners who are certain that their future will be increasingly digital but have been hesitant to commit to this great unknown.

To make the commitment uncomplicated and affordable, the more than 100-year-old company has developed a virtual one-stop shop with an easy and efficient workflow. One way that they achieved this was by ensuring that all of the components of the digital 3D print workflow were compatible with each other. The scanner works with the design software (designs are created by a design professional), the print resins work with the printer, the curing unit works with the print materials, and dentists and their teams are fully trained to work with all of it. Historically, learning how to use CAD software has been a significant challenge for many dentists entering into digital dentistry. With Whip Mix, that barrier no longer exists.

Another advantage of Whip Mix's complete digital workflow is that you only need to call one number if an issue arises. There's no need to call the scanner company, who may blame the design technician, who may blame the 3D printer, whose manufacturer may blame the resins that are being used, and so forth. Whip Mix's world-class digital support team is there to support every part of the system.

When a dentist decides to step into VeriONE digital 3D print manufacturing, they receive an intraoral scanner, software to send for the design, a 3D printer, 3D print materials, a curing unit, a wash unit for the post-processing of 3D printed pieces, and a 1-year service agreement. All of this comes at a price that is lower than that of some scanners and with 2 full days of in-office training to ensure that the dentist and his or her team are comfortable using everything.

Ready to print something? Simply scan the patient's teeth and upload the file to the system. Whip Mix's designers follow your instructions, design the case, and send it back ready to print. Sound interesting? It did to me. I know where my dental future is. Do you?

Karen Nation, DMD
Private Practice
Middletown, Kentucky

Key Takeaways

1. Fast, easy, and affordable entry into digital manufacturing for the dentist

2. Dentists and their teams are fully trained in their offices

3. One phone number for ordering, training, technical support, and accounting

4. The system is fully supported by a service agreement

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Whip Mix

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