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Inside Dentistry
August 2021
Volume 17, Issue 8


From reliable, tried-and-true dental materials that have been used for years to brand new materials just hitting the market, it is important for clinicians to continue to stay aware of the options available for restoration. In this product showcase, we've highlighted the top millable materials.

1.3M Chairside Zirconia

3M Chairside Zirconia is a CAD/CAM zirconia block optimized for the fast-sintering CEREC SpeedFire furnace. It offers an optimal blend of high strength and esthetics as well as a sintering time of approximately 20 minutes for a thin-walled crown.


BRILLIANT Crios is a reinforced composite block for permanent restorations. The material combines all of the advantages of an innovative submicron hybrid composite material with those of a CAD/CAM fabrication process.

3. BruxZir® NOW

BruxZir NOW is the only in-office zirconia that is ready to deliver straight from the mill. Just cement and move on. Boost your productivity and spend more time treating patients.


CERASMART 270 is an esthetic hybrid block made to provide fast and long-lasting indirect restorations. Milling is fast and efficient, making it possible to create a qualitative restoration with fine margins and an optimal fit in a very short time.

5.Grandio blocs

Grandio blocs are 86% filled nano-ceramic hybrid CAD/CAM blocks with a combination of optimal tooth-like physical properties, category leading compressive strength, and natural esthetics with enhanced color stability.

6.KATANA Zirconia Block

This innovative multi-layered zirconia block is highly translucent, offers an 18-minute sintering time, and can be milled in 4 minutes with a CEREC Prime Mill for truly 1-day dentistry.

7.IPS e.max® CAD

IPS e.max CAD is the world's best-selling glass-ceramic material. It is suitable for the efficient fabrication of full-contour restorations and is known for its versatile application options, comprehensive range of restoration types, and high strength of 530 MPa.

8. Shofu Block HC

Comprised of zirconium silicate nanoparticles embedded in a pre-polymerized resin matrix, Shofu Block HC combines superior mechanical attributes with fast milling and efficient polishing to deliver functional and life-like esthetics.

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