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Inside Dentistry
April 2021
Volume 17, Issue 4

Delivering Efficiency and Promoting Creativity

Danièle Larose, DMD, on Evanesce™ Universal Restorative

Danièle Larose, DMD

What if a simple change in the composite that you use, without any change in technique, immediately produced a restoration with higher esthetics and greater longevity? What if the handling properties of the composite brought out your creative side, allowing you to quickly transform the featureless material into one displaying the surface anatomy, natural contours, and vitality exhibited by the adjacent teeth?

Evanesce Nano-Enhanced Universal Restorative from Clinician's Choice® is that composite. Its immediate effect is improvement in the esthetic qualities of restorations. Even when used in a single-shade technique, Evanesce's 30 VITA shades have the ability to beautifully blend into the surrounding tooth structure. For more challenging cases, the dentin opacity (90%) and enamel opacity (80%), as well as the three Enamel FX shades (ie, Enamel Clear, Enamel Incisal, Enamel White), which range in opacity from 50% to 70%, are very effective at masking fracture lines and discolored tooth structure and replicating interproximal and incisal translucencies. However, the vast majority of my anterior cases are restored using Evanesce's universal opacity (85%) shades, followed by very light characterization, if needed, and then a thin surface layer of Evanesce FX Enamel Clear (50% opacity). This combination brings depth to my restorations and makes them come to life. With both flexural and compressive strength in balance, Evanesce has even allowed me to make my posterior restorations more esthetic without sacrificing longevity.

I take advantage of Evanesce's wax-like sculptability to quickly establish contours and anatomy. It moves effortlessly under the pressure of an instrument and brush, allowing me to better refine my margins before light curing. I have found that Evanesce's firm, non-sticky consistency is ideal for the pull-through technique that I use to establish ideal anterior proximal contacts and gingival embrasures. Using a composite that is so easy to manipulate prior to light curing has greatly reduced my finishing time.

Once polymerized, I use the Clinician's Choice durable A.S.A.P.® All Surface Access Polishers, a two-step polishing system that uses diamond impregnated wheels, to quickly bring out Evanesce's high esthetic potential in literally 30 to 40 seconds. In addition to quickly providing a high luster polish, with just a little more applied pressure, I can also use the A.S.A.P. Pre-Polisher to sculpt or refine facial lobes. The all-new Clinician's Choice A.S.A.P.® Dailies offer a multiple-use, daily alternative to the original A.S.A.P. polishing system. Delivering consistent, effective polishing performance after a minimum of three sterilization cycles, A.S.A.P. Dailies can be used to provide a high shine on all direct and indirect restorations in as little as 30 seconds.

Optimizing clinical efficiency is essential to a profitable practice. Choosing clinically proven materials and instruments, such as Evanesce Nano-Enhanced Universal Restorative and A.S.A.P. All Surface Access Polishers, ensures not only that the desired results are achieved, but also that they are achieved with greater ease and predictability and for a broader range of restorative challenges.

Key Takeaways

1. Enhanced optical properties allow Evanesce to beautifully blend into the surrounding tooth structure

2. Easy handling and sculptability help to better establish contours, anatomy, and margins prior to light curing

3. Polishes to a high, esthetic luster in about 30 seconds with the use of A.S.A.P. All Surface Access Polishers or the all-new A.S.A.P. Dailies

4. Evanesce offers 30 esthetic VITA shades in three opacities, Universal (85%), Enamel (80%), and Dentin (90%), plus three lower opacity Enamel FX shades: Clear, Incisal, and White

About the Author

Danièle Larose, DMD
Accredited Member
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
Private Practice
St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada

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Clinician's Choice Dental
Products Inc.

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