Inside Dentistry
April 2021
Volume 17, Issue 4

Classic Graphic Design Ideas for Dental Projects

Eight areas in which a designer can help enhance marketing efforts

Dan Martin

Dental practices, like any other businesses, require proper marketing to optimize their success. Although there are various marketing options that practice owners can choose from for their businesses, the graphic design elements need to accurately represent each individual practice's brand and improve confidence among its customers-the patients. Consider the following areas in which you can leverage unique and engaging graphic designs to market your dental practice.


Logos play a vital role in marketing businesses and convincing customers. As a dentist, you can boost your dental practice by creating a unique logo that patients can easily remember. In addition, your logo should convey a message that relates to your specific practice and brand. Creating an exceptional logo requires an experienced and reliable designer. Experienced graphic designers can help you develop concepts for your logo. They'll make good use of your practice's name, brand colors, initials, location, and other elements to create a logo that will refine your vision and help to distinguish you from competitors.

Business Cards

You can better sell your brand wherever you go if your business cards have great graphic designs on them. The best thing about business cards is that they're highly customizable. You can decide what your designer should and shouldn't include on them to ensure that they accurately represent your dental practice. Business cards with superior graphic design can give you added confidence to use them to sell your brand to the people you meet.


Ads need to be eye-catching to reach your audience and their contacts. Whether you're doing digital or print ads, graphic designers can help you improve your content. In addition, you'll need proper marketing research to determine how your ads should look to best help you achieve your goals. Your graphic designer should properly integrate imagery into your advertisements and videos to ensure that the content is intriguing to your audience. That will help you maximize the opportunities available and reinforce your brand identity in the market.

Social Media Platforms

Today, social media is an essential element of every business; therefore, it is in the best interest of practice owners to focus on it. Many dental practices are building their brands with social media at center stage. As a business, your main focus should be to make sure that there's consistency in the brand image that you've created out there. Good graphics can help to differentiate your business from your competitors online. An expert designer can help create images and cover and profile photos and design graphics that you can use on every social media platform to distinguish your practice.

Email Campaigns

Mailings are a vital method that businesses use to communicate with customers globally. Using excellent graphics facilitates the creation of emails that leave lasting impressions on your patients. Graphic designers can help customize your emails to your audience, especially members of the local community on your mailing list. They'll include features like your logo and other images to ensure that recipients can relate to the emails. The better you design your emails, the better your click-through rate will be and the more conversions you'll get. Hiring a professional equipped with the right tools for graphic design will help you reap these benefits.


If you don't have a practice website or are in the process of creating one, a good design can bring in more results than you may think. A website is one of the biggest assets of any business, and thus, a savvy business owner looks to make the most of it. For you to do that, your website must be correctly designed. Using appropriate text and graphics will give you the results that you desire from your site. You can hire someone who's experienced in web design to help you with the structure, text placement, navigation, and other elements, but a good graphic designer will ensure that the images and videos used are highly effective and compliment the text.


If your dental practice offers its own products, they need to stand out from the crowd if you want to cut it in today's market. One of the best ways to do this is by creating appealing package designs. A designer can help incorporate your logo, colors, and other necessary elements into beautiful package designs that define and advertise your brand. Excellent graphics on the packaging material can not only make your products appear more appealing but also help them to present as higher quality.


You can brand your stationery with your practice's logo, providers' names, etc. Custom designs on the office's stationery will make your practice look professional to your patients. You can also brand other small office items such as pens, pads, and notebooks, and sometimes give them to your patients and other visitors. Graphic designers can get all of your brand's features into these items, and the better the branding, the more they will perform the purpose that you want to achieve-reinforcing your practice's image and attracting patients.

About the Author

Dan Martin is an editor for ArcStone, a web design company for nonprofits since 1997.

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