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Inside Dentistry
March 2021
Volume 17, Issue 3

Making Clear Aligners Simple

ClearCorrect provides comprehensive education and state-of-the-art products

Even in the most challenging of times, patients want to straighten their teeth. Some segments of dentistry were slower to recover from the pandemic-related lockdowns of 2020, but clear aligners continue to present one of the best growth opportunities for dentists. In addition to the so-called "Zoom effect," which has people more concerned about the esthetics of their smiles because they are seeing them on-screen more than ever before, many people have become increasingly focused on their health. "Clear aligners are obviously a fantastic way to acquire a beautiful esthetic smile, but they also help form and function," says Christophe Carsault, vice president of orthodontics in North America for ClearCorrect. "You can dramatically improve your health by having straighter teeth, and this is very appealing to many people right now."

With this in mind, ClearCorrect accelerated its efforts during the past year to help more dentists capitalize on this growth opportunity. The Straumann Group, ClearCorrect's parent company, has a long-standing reputation for helping clinicians expand their portfolios, offering first-rate education and training on everything from implants to digital dentistry, and ClearCorrect is now providing the same for clear aligners.

"We have developed a highly efficient, comprehensive platform for education about clear aligners," Carsault says. "Through online courses, virtual study clubs with different formats, and more, we are a partner of choice for support and training for any dental practice."

The company also continues to release state-of-the-art products to make providing clear aligners easy for any clinician, regardless of his or her experience level. Two of ClearCorrect's most innovative and impactful recent offerings are its ClearQuartz aligner material and ClearPilot treatment design software. ClearQuartz provides comfortable, durable, multilayer aligners with sustained force, great clarity, and excellent tooth adaptation, and ClearPilot helps clinicians accurately review and design patients' treatment plans.

"ClearQuartz simply improves the patient experience and maximizes what is possible in the treatment plan," Carsault says of the tri-layer material that was developed with Bay Materials, another Straumann Group company. "It is a top-notch material in the marketplace. Since we launched it, the feedback has been absolutely outstanding. It is also a very important milestone; from the purchase of Bay Materials to the release of ClearQuartz, in less than 18 months, we were able to make really great progress on strengthening our value proposition."

ClearPilot, meanwhile, puts everything at the clinician's fingertips, with new features planned to be added to the software every 6 months.

"ClearPilot is the interface between the patient's dreams and the dentist's ability to deliver those dreams," Carsault says. "We developed an interface that provides the dentist with all of the necessary information for the treatment plan on one page. Every note, every movement, and every timeline are all easily accessible. It helps dentists really communicate with their patients and align their expectations to drive successful treatment plans. We are really proud of how ClearPilot makes life easier for the dentist."

And that, of course, is one of ClearCorrect's primary goals in everything that it does, along with providing comfortable, high-quality treatment for patients. As the aligner market maintains its upward trajectory, ClearCorrect plans to continue serving as a leader that dentists can rely on.

"We focus our energy on being the most trusted, creative, and innovative partner," Carsault says, "and on providing workflows that are simple yet highly effective."

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