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Inside Dentistry
March 2021
Volume 17, Issue 3

BRILLIANT EverGlow® Flow

1. The perfect complement to BRILLIANT EverGlow® universal submicron hybrid composite, BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow is ideal for esthetic, single- and multi-shade restorations with optimal polishability and long-lasting gloss

2. Convenient shade system offers "Duo Shades" that cover two VITA shades within a single syringe, helping to consolidate inventory and simplify shade selection while providing exceptional shade matching

3. Suitable for initial layers and small fillings of all cavity classes

4. Low viscosity provides excellent wettability for extensive coverage

5. New extra thin 0.4-mm application needle facilitates precise dosing of small quantities


Appropriate for a wide range of indications

Available in Intro Kit and 2.0-g syringes with standard and fine application needles

Offers eight shades across three translucency levels-opaque, universal, and translucent

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