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Inside Dentistry
November 2020
Volume 16, Issue 11

Just the Facts

Digital dentistry. As a dental professional, these are words you’re probably hearing everywhere you turn. “Going digital” used to be the thing dentists were doing to stay ahead of the technology curve. Now, in today’s environment where rapid treatments with minimal errors and maximum efficiency are key, going digital has shifted from being the way to stay ahead to the required method for keeping up.

For doctors who aren’t yet well-versed in digital dentistry technology, the multitude of equipment and systems available can be more than a little daunting. The promises and potential of the various chairside systems, scanners, mills, and more can create a lot of noise that makes it difficult to know exactly what to buy for your own practice. That’s why it’s important to start the process of buying into digital dentistry by boiling it down to what you — and your practice — need most from a system.
What Do You Need Most?
While the needs of specific practices will differ based on things like the familiarity of you and your staff with digital technology, the size of your practice and the needs of your patients, a couple of facts are universal. Any doctors investing in new technology for the clinic will likely require a few standard things from their purchase:
1. The ability to provide quality care with top materials.
2. Support on how to use the equipment to its full potential.
3. Financial benefits, including savings on the purchase and increased profit.
4. Ease of use — from training the staff on the equipment to incorporating it into the office workflow to actually using it, the adoption process should be as simple as possible to avoid putting you behind.
When you boil it down to that list of factual needs for the practice, the decision regarding what equipment to purchase becomes much simpler. And that’s because, based on the opinions of users, there’s a particular standout: the™ In-Office Solution. This chairside suite of technologies has gained a reputation for being simple to use, with full support and fantastic return on investment. Keep reading to learn why.
What Is the™ In-Office Solution?
The system consists of a suite of technologies designed to work together in an efficient workflow that can transform your practice:
· The™ Software and Design Station
     o   Proprietary AI-powered software with exclusive machine learning technology that creates highly accurate design proposals in a single click.
· The™ In-Office Mill
     o   A plug-and-play in-office mill with superb accuracy and the ability to mill pre-sintered zirconia that’s simple to integrate into your practice.
For doctors who don’t already own an intraoral scanner, the system can be purchased along with the iTero Element® 5D scanner, which offers outstanding imaging technology that creates accurate digital impressions with incredible ease. is also compatible with all other intraoral scanners on the market, so doctors who already own one, or prefer a particular one, don’t have to worry — their scanners will be able to connect with the other components of
What Makes Different from the Rest?
When it comes to fulfilling those needs of your practice mentioned above, offers everything you need in one easily integrated system.

1. Providing Quality Care with Top Materials
 The In-Office Solution is the only in-office system in the industry that can create restorations from fully sintered BruxZir® NOW zirconia. Crowns can be delivered directly from the and require no oven time or post-processing. Just mill it, deliver it and move on. BruxZir® NOW provides industry-leading strength and durability ideal for the posterior zone, and is also available in an Esthetic version for the anterior.
 In contrast, the unsintered zirconia material used by other mills adds cost, time and room for error to the crown delivery process by requiring multiple post-processing steps, including time in the oven and effort spent processing, staining and glazing the crown prior to delivery.
2. Training and Support on Using the Equipment to Its Full Potential
 With, training and support directly from the manufacturer is one of the key selling points cited by many users when asked why they purchased their systems. Those doctors who have worked with other in-office equipment in the past have also brought up a lack of support as a chief complaint — once they signed the check for the purchase, they found it extremely difficult to get required support, whether for help with the equipment itself or with a case at hand.
 With, users not only receive full in-person training from a team of experts on the day their equipment is installed, but they stay directly connected to the support they may need at all times. Doctors can reach out to Glidewell for help at any time with the push of a button, submit cases in progress to the lab at any point, and receive assistance on the equipment or a case via phone or remote log-in to their systems. Glidewell also offers ongoing training courses, materials and opportunities for both doctors and staff, so there’s always more to learn in order to maximize what can do for your practice.
3. Savings and Profit
 Money is always a factor in a major purchase, and dental technology is no exception to the rule. Investing in versus competitor systems could save you up to $70,000 on the initial equipment purchase alone. Beyond equipment, you could save 65% or more on your lab bill with cost-effective options of industry-leading materials as well eliminating the need for impression materials and shipping to the lab. After just four months of ownership, offices using reported a significant decrease in monthly lab-related expenses. This doesn’t even account for the savings included in reducing chair time and need for second appointments. In fact, has been shown to pay for itself within one year of purchase.
4. Ease of Use
 We’ve mentioned them already, but they’re good enough to repeat. makes your life easier in ways that others just can’t match:

     o   With the accuracy of the proposal design software, you don’t have to spend your time tweaking designs and acting like a lab tech. You can click once and get the design you need to move forward with no further effort required on your part. Just mill and deliver it!
     o   With BruxZir® NOW zirconia, your crowns come out of the mill ready to go. Don’t mess with ovens and post-processing. Just place it for your patient and get them on their way. Simpler and better for both of you.
     o   The accuracy of the ensures you get the crown you wanted to get. A rate of less than 0.6% error in milling results with the means you’re not having to correct, troubleshoot, and fiddle with remakes.
     o   You can get the help you need in an instant at any time. Having a question doesn’t mean poring over manuals or waiting on hold. It means talking to an expert human to get the information you need to keep going.
There’s more, but you’re likely getting the picture. It really is that easy.
Finally …
We know that, as a doctor in this time and place, you’re being flooded with information on digital dentistry tools and technology, and we sympathize. The amount of information out there and the too-often-occurring lack of guidance and clarity to go with it can make it difficult to parse the facts and make the informed purchase that’s crucial to your practice’s success.
That’s why is making it as simple as possible. Reach out and let us give you the information you need to get started. Learn more at, or by contacting us at or 844-949-7184.

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