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Inside Dentistry
October 2020
Volume 16, Issue 10

New Products

A  |  SimpliShade

Kerr Dental's SimpliShade Universal Composite is the newest addition to its Simplicity line of products. With just three shades, SimpliShade matches all 16 VITA® Classical shades to streamline restorative workflows and inventory management for busy practices.

B  |  SprintRay 3D Printing Resins

With reduced odor, improved adhesion to the build plate, and better mechanical properties, SprintRay's three new 3D printing resins are incredibly easy to work with and produce stunning, consistent results for all manner of models, from wax-ups to aligner models.

C  |  Axeos

The Axeos 2D/3D imaging system can be used for a wide range of clinical indications. The optional right- or left-side cephalometric arm is available for retrofitting at any time, and the EasyPad features an improved user interface with self-explanatory symbols.

D  |  Integrated Electric Motor System

DCI Edge and NSK have co-engineered a system that fully integrates the NLZ E Electric Motor and its licensed differentiators, including WaveOne® technology. The integrated motor has a custom interface to guide clinicians as they work, placing all of the control at their fingertips.

E  |  Oral-B iO

The Oral-B iO toothbrush features a frictionless magnetic drive, which distributes energy more efficiently to the tips of the bristles, resulting in a smooth, quiet, sensational cleaning experience. The redesigned iO brush head has been engineered to combine oscillating and rotating cleaning motions with microvibrations for a professional feeling clean.

F  |  Splatter Guard®

Young Innovations has introduced Splatter Guard, an innovative new prophy angle that reduces splatter by up to 15 times when compared with traditional prophy angles. Splatter Guard disposable prophy angles are available in both Vera® and Young® styles.

G  |  CleanJoy

CleanJoy is a fluoride and xylitol-containing, minimally abrasive prophy paste. The optimized fine dual filler particles facilitate gentle but effective stain removal without the sandy feeling found in traditional pastes and optimize splatter-control for the clinician.

H  |  CASPR Compact Medik

The CASPR system uses Medik disinfection technology, which reacts with the water molecules in the air to continuously create highly effective oxidizing molecules, such as hydrogen peroxide. These molecules are delivered at safe levels to reduce clinically relevant pathogens, including viruses.

I  |  42ESU

Handler's 42ESU is an extraoral mobile suction system designed to complement the intraoral high volume evacuation devices used during patient treatment. The 42ESU captures airborne droplets and aerosols to help minimize exposure to harmful agents in the atmosphere.

J  |  SmartCase

nCase has put the latest technology into a clear aligner case that's paired with a highly customizable mobile application. The SmartCase is programmed to track wear times throughout the day and provide reminders, and if lost, it can be located using the find feature.

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