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Inside Dentistry
August 2019
Volume 15, Issue 8

Using Less Steps Provides Better Results

Bryan Wingate, DMD, on Dentsply Sirona’s TPH Spectra® ST flow

Bryan Wingate, DMD

I own Forest Acres Dentistry in Columbia, South Carolina, and I have been in practice for 6 years. I strive for excellence in all facets of my dentistry, and my desire is to be learning and improving every day. One of the ways that I strive for excellence is by using the most innovative products on my patients. I started using TPH Spectra® ST because of its streamlined shade matching, ease of handling, esthetics, and strength. When my sales representative told me about TPH Spectra® ST flow, I was more than happy to try it. I have found that it really simplifies my practice. For certain restorations, instead of using multiple materials, I only need to use TPH Spectra ST flow for the entire procedure. It requires less steps and time and allows less opportunity for error or contamination.

1. Five shades cover the full 16-shade VITA classical A1-D4® range. Enhanced chameleon blending enables universal CLOUD shades A1 to A4 to cover the full VITA range. 2. Featuring optimum versatility on demand, you'll enjoy using a material that easily flows into preparations and then stays in place. With SphereTEC technology on your side, you'll achieve high strength and excellent polish while providing a restoration that is resistant to staining from colorants such as coffee, tea, and red wine.

How is TPH Spectra ST flow unique? It has appropriate chroma and value with the handling properties of SDR® flow+ and the esthetics of TPH Spectra ST.

Does the material polish well? TPH Spectra ST flow is easy to polish and does not result in the dull, plastic look that many flowables have when polishing is attempted.

What are the best features of the material? The ability to draw material up to the margins of a preparation seems to defy gravity, and it quickly achieves a glasslike polish.

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