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Inside Dentistry
June 2019
Volume 15, Issue 6

High Torque, Low Weight, and True Balance

Highlights from our discussion on the NSK Ti-Max nano/NLZ E with Joyce L. Bassett, DDS

In today's dentistry, there is no such thing as too much torque, especially when cutting some of the new high-strength, all-ceramic crowns. "I like an electric handpiece to remove restorations," says Joyce L. Bassett, DDS. "When I use this handpiece on zirconia, it cuts right through it. It's so much more powerful, and I don't have to use a lot of pressure. Before, my hand would hurt because I had to use so much pressure."

An accredited fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Bassett maintains a private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she recently spoke with Inside Dentistry's Product Talk about her experience with the NSK Ti-Max nano series and NLZ E motor system. The Ti-Max nano 95LS handpiece has an all-titanium body with a DURAGRIP coating and a 1:5 gear ratio. Because of its titanium construction, it weighs 40% less than other electric handpieces that are made with stainless steel. NSK also manufactures the Ti-Max nano 25LS, which has a 1:1 gear ratio that can run as slow as 100 rpm.

The NLZ E motor provides 4.2 Ncm of torque (the highest torque of any electric motor on the market today) and when attached to the Ti-Max nano 25LS, it goes from 100 rpm up to 40,000 rpm. When using the Ti-Max nano 95LS and its 1:5 gear ratio, the motor ranges from 500 rpm all the way to up to 200,000 rpm.

"I've been using this handpiece for the last couple of months, and I love it," Bassett says. "Because it's so lightweight, I can perform preparations all day long, and at the end of the day, my hand doesn't hurt. I can't believe how small it is. It's so tiny that when it's in your hand, you barely even know it's there."

This handpiece was designed so that the point of balance is in the same position as with an air-driven handpiece. "This is a huge benefit," Bassett says, "because with my other electric handpieces, it's heavy at that point and causes fatigue in my arms and shoulders. This one, it's so light, I feel like I can carve and contour at the highest or the lowest speed-almost like using a paintbrush. I have so much more control, and I feel like my dentistry has gotten better regarding contouring, finishing, and polishing."

Traditionally, maintenance and repairs for electric handpieces have been more expensive than with air rotors. However, NSK has a "worry-free" warranty. Their no-questions-asked policy states that they will handle any needed repair for 2.5 years. In addition, NSK offers the iCare Dental Handpiece Maintenance and Flush System, through which the automated cleaning and lubrication of handpieces is performed with the simple touch of buttons. "Maintenance can eat into my overhead," Bassett says. "It's good to know that when I buy this handpiece, I don't have to worry about it for 2.5 years. That's exactly what I'm looking for now because I want more predictability with my expenses."

Another factor is NSK's proprietary Contra-Check function. When the attachment is placed on the motor, and the user pushes the check button on the display, it will indicate that the handpiece is either ready to use or in need of lubrication or repair. "Anything that can help me, I'm totally for it," Bassett says. "My team is wonderful; they lubricate handpieces every single time before they sterilize them. But the ability to check the function is really important because now I have total assurance that this handpiece is going to work. If there is something wrong, the technology will catch it. Anything that has that kind of smart technology that can help me-I'm in."

Joyce L. Bassett, DDS, is an accredited fellow and past president (2015-16) of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a diplomate of the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry, and a clinical instructor at the Kois Center.

Notable Features

Advanced design: with a smaller and slimmer neck, it’s 40% lighter than all other stainless steel handpieces
Comfort: the handpiece creates a perfect balance with the motor, reducing hand and shoulder fatigue
Durable and reliable: titanium construction with DURAGRIP coating
Worry-free warranty: 2.5 years with no hassles
Supreme motor torque: highest of all electric motors on the market at 4.2 Ncm.

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