Inside Dentistry
June 2019
Volume 15, Issue 6

Efficiently Recreating Tooth Morphology

Todd Snyder, DDS, on the Omni-Matrix™ Disposable Retainer and Matrix

Class II posterior restorations comprise about 50% of all of the cases performed by general practitioners, and my experience has certainly not been an exception to this statistic. Between running a busy full-time practice, lecturing, balancing family life, and racing cars professionally, I like to do my work as efficiently as possible, so my Class II arsenal has just about every tool in the book.

When it comes to posterior Class II restorations, one of those essential tools that I use again and again is Ultradent's new Omni-Matrix disposable retainer and matrix soution. It is the best retainer and matrix solution that I've found. It allows me to perfectly customize a variety of preparation designs in any quadrant of the mouth without sacrificing quality or patient comfort. This is thanks to the Omni-Matrix's pivoting head and new body design, which also allows for great visibility while I am working. I can use it in cases involving single or simultaneously performed restorations, and I love that it comes in both a winged and wingless design. I prefer using the wingless design for most cases, but I keep some of the winged style on hand for situations in which the preparation is subgingival. Omni-Matrix gives me the option to use a Mylar band or a stainless steel band, which comes in universal and narrow widths. The band's circumference can be easily adjusted by simply twisting the handle, and the pivoting head allows it to access any quadrant of the mouth. They are conveniently preloaded and disposable, so there is no need to sterilize or disinfect them before or after use.

I am a huge proponent of minimally invasive dentistry. The conservation of natural tooth structure not only provides flexibility for a patient's potential future restorative needs but also reduces the length and cost of procedures as well as the associated pain and discomfort. Many of my posterior direct restorations are so minimally invasive that only the pathologic tissue is removed, and the contacts are not always broken. In these cases, I just need something quick that can adapt to the shape of the tooth and help me recreate the tooth morphology. Having not broken the contact, the preparation design allows me the convenience of using a retainer matrix to create the correct shape as well as maintain a good contact. Once the restoration has been placed, the Omni-Matrix band releases without disturbing the restorative material.

Most importantly, the ease with which I can reach for, use, and then dispose of Ultradent's Omni-Matrix retainer bands saves me time and money while still allowing me to perform beautiful, custom posterior Class II restorations. And in this business and in my life in general, efficiency and quality are, quite frankly, priceless.

Key Takeaways

• Unmatched body design is ideal for both single and simultaneous restorations
• Innovative shape allows superior procedural visibility and patient comfort
• Ultrathin burnishable stainless steel adapts to preparations
• Unique winged and wingless styles to meet individual case needs
• Aseptic, disposable design saves you time and money

Manufacturer Information
Ultradent Products, Inc.

Todd Snyder, DDS
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
Private Practice
Laguna Niguel, California

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