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Inside Dentistry
December 2018
Volume 14, Issue 12

Predictability and Precision From the Initial Impression

Peter Harnois, DDS, owner of Hinsdale Dentistry in Hinsdale, Illinois, on Splash Max® VPS impression material from DenMat

1. Splash Max offers everything that defines a high quality VPS impression material, including instant hydrophilicity, maximum tear strength, excellent dimensional accuracy, and high contrast colors. Splash Max's low contact angle, high tear strength, and 99.9% recovery after stretching and compression results in highly detailed impressions.

2. The hydrophilic and flowable material properties of Splash Max allow clinicians to capture detailed, distortion-free impressions, ensuring quality margins, fit, and function for all of their lab cases. Splash Max is offered in bright colors to provide a sharp contrast when used together, making it easier for the clinician and lab to visualize the fine details.

How does Splash Max'sinstant hydrophilicity help? It captures detail in a moist field and allows for better adaptation to the tooth structure and sulcus within seconds.

What makes Splash Max's viscosity ideal? The material becomes thin and less viscous when it is mixed, and it flows into
every crevice.

What are its other primarybenefits? Among all the top impression materials, it has the highest tear strength and elasticity. It also has great dimensional accuracy.

My practice focuses on using the latest technologies to offer the most minimally invasive dentistry. We are really geared toward function with excellent esthetics, and I lecture on proper esthetic design and delivering esthetic dentistry. Because I do a lot of full-mouth rehabilitation and porcelain veneers, I need an impression material that is easy to use, predictable, precise, and reliable. Over the past several years, DenMat's Splash Max® VPS impression material has become my go-to choice.

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