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Inside Dentistry
December 2018
Volume 14, Issue 12

Consistent, Predictable Impression Material for Complex Cases

Richard Sullivan, DDS, a partner at Sullivan Dental Partners in Brentwood, Tennessee, on Aquasil® Ultra+ from Dentsply Sirona

1. Three teeth prepared for veneers along with one endodontically treated tooth to be crowned. TPH Spectra® ST HV is used to block out a gold coping from previous treatment.

2. Aquasil Ultra+ used to capture impression of upper arch. Light body material incorporated to capture fine marginal detail.

3. Final veneers seated with Prime&Bond elect® and Calibra® Veneer Esthetic Resin Cement in translucent shade.

What are the biggest benefits of Aquasil Ultra+? Consistency and predictability are the most important factors, and it is extremely accurate.

Do patients notice a difference? Unlike some other materials, Aquasil Ultra+ does not have a bad taste, and patients definitely notice this.

What else separates it from other products? The yellow color of the light body tends to show up really well, and this helps us

I am a fourth-generation dentist practicing with my father, and we differentiate ourselves in today's competitive market by being almost a one-stop shop. Between the two of us, we can do a wide variety of procedures. To be able to provide so many services at the same level as specialists requires investment in education, technology, and materials. About a year ago, we started using Aquasil® Ultra+ for large implant and other complex cases that demand good impressions, and we have been extremely pleased with it.

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