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Inside Dentistry
December 2018
Volume 14, Issue 12

An Easier, Faster, More Effective Process for Veneers

Diego De Castro Adan, BDS, on FirstFit™

1. FirstFit handpiece inserted into the 3D printed preparation guides.

2. Patient teeth after preparation is completed using FirstFit preparation guides.

3. Veneers come preloaded in a delivery tray for consistent and easy placement.

4. Patient smile makeover using complete FirstFit Guided Veneers Delivery System.

Why is FirstFit easier? The dentist can take an impression and perform the treatment in one appointment, eliminating the need for provisionals and saving chairtime.

How is it more efficient and effective? Using the delivery tray to seat the veneers at once significantly reduces chairtime for both the practice and the patient.

How do patients benefit? Their experience is improved because the dentist only works inside the mouth once, decreasing patient stress.

In my nearly 5-year dental career, I have placed thousands of veneers. In Europe, however, only cosmetic dentists typically work with veneers because these restorations require precise preparations and provisionals. Traditionally, the process of placing veneers has been difficult, but the FirstFit Guided Veneers Delivery System has made it much easier. I have completed more than 150 cases using FirstFit, and it has been truly transformative.

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