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July 2018
Volume 14, Issue 7

Practice Management Software

Value of the global dental practice management software market in 2016

Maybe you want to integrate every part of every case in one software program. Perhaps you merely want to digitize your scheduling and appointment reminders. Whatever your goal, the practice management software products on the market today present myriad options for dentists to select their individual preferences for levels of digitization and integration. Developments in digital communications and cloud-based computing continue to change the ways that dentists can manage their practices.

56 Products listed on the Practice Management section of the American Dental Association (ADA website)

1. CS SoftDent

Make your office more efficient with CS SoftDent practice management software. Gain easy access to clinical information. Automate essential tasks related to insurance claims, payment processing, patient reminders, and more.


800-944-6365 • RSC #104

2. Curve Hero

Curve Dental has more 5-star reviews than any other software. We provide the best customer service, highest-rated dependability, and all the tools you need to manage your practice. Its the #1-rated cloud solution for a small monthly fee.


888-910-4376 • RSC #105

3. DentiMax

DentiMax is a technology leader that makes easy-to-use software.  From capturing patient info from a tablet, to electronic prescribing, to texting appointment reminders, DentiMax mirrors your workflow.  These features make DentiMax a simple choice.


800-704-8494 • RSC #106

4. Dentrix

Dentrix has the tools to improve your operations, flexibility to expand with your vision, and seamless integration with leading dental solutions. Tap into a comprehensive dental ecosystem.


800-336-8749 • RSC #107

5. Evidentiae

Evidentiae is a cloud-based, diagnostically driven software for dental healthcare. Evidentiae is designed to streamline digital workflow, beginning with online patient history forms and extending all the way to patient check-out, while maintaining a patient-centered approach.


206-535-1564 • RSC #108

6. iCoreDental

iCoreDental is the only cloud-based practice management EHR software designed directly from the input of 1,000 dentists.  iCoreDental allows dentists to pay for only the components they need, including multi-location analytics, electronic claims, ePrescriptions (with controlled substances), patient reminders, X-ray integration, merchant services, and HIPAA-compliant email.


888-810-7706 • RSC #109

7. MMG ChairFill

ChairFill is marketing software that automatically fills schedules with the right kind patients at the right times. ChairFill monitors open chair time and searches existing patient records 24-7, proactively selecting, contacting, and appointing the RIGHT patients without interaction from staff.


844-938-7466 • RSC #110


Denticon practice management software was built from the ground up for multi-location dental organizations in the cloud, but is also widely used by single-location practices and mobile units. It includes clinical and business functionality along with advanced modules for imaging, patient communications, and reporting/analytics.


800-861-5098 • RSC #111

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