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Inside Dentistry
July 2018
Volume 14, Issue 7


Seeing Clearly Optimal treatment planning is dependent upon acquiring and analyzing the most accurate and comprehensive information possible for each case. Technological developments in the imaging process have made the treatment planning process as effective as ever, as DICOM, STL, and other files can be viewed in harmony to achieve a thorough understanding of each patient's oral situation. Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) units now can provide a variety of images with low doses of radiation. Intraoral imaging systems are smaller, more ergonomic, and more accurate. Impression scanners produce precise 3D renderings of the dentition in just seconds. As the technology continues to improve, patients are likely to increasingly expect-and in some cases demand-that their dentists are using state-of-the-art equipment to assess their oral environment.

Dental examinations account for 21% of all radiological procedures globally-the highest percentage of any procedure.

The Global CBCT Systems Market was worth
$536 million in 2016 and is estimated to reach $1,041 million by 2023.

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1. ProVecta® S-Pan Panoramic X-Ray

The ProVecta® S-Pan offers ease of handling, optimal workflow, better image quality, and easier diagnosis, supported by an innovative 7" touch display.  Its S-Pan technology creates a pin sharp panoramic image at any spatial position of the tooth and jaw.

800-247-8324 • RSC #16

2. Bel-Cypher Pro Panoramic X-Ray

The Bel-Cypher Pro offers an accurate patient alignment system, multiple imaging modes, and smooth motorized movements, all to bring efficiency to your practice.

800-268-5351 • RSC #17

3. Phot-xlls LCD Intraoral X-Ray System

The PHOT-xlls produces superb radiographic images and minimizes patient exposure to radiation during dental imaging. Its sleek, aesthetic design makes it a natural choice for any dental operatory.

800-268-5351 • RSC #18

4. Dentri Classic

The Dentri Classic features the power of sharp images, a large  adjustable field of view (16 x 8 cm), and panoramic imaging to meet your practice's needs. It provides superior image quality, expanded indications, and an improved customer experience.

888-850-8810 • RSC #19

5. ProMax 3D Classic

ProMax 3D, designed to obtain complete patient information for various specialties, provides clear imaging with about one-tenth of the radiation of a medical CT. It provides 3D volumes, panoramic images, panoramic bitewings, cephalometric images, and tomographic images.
630-529-2300 • RSC #20

6. Dentri Classic S

The Dentri Classic S provides your office with superb images, a large CBCT field of view (16 x 8cm), and an integrated cephalometric Imaging scanner to exceed your practice imaging needs.

888-850-8810 • RSC #21

7. Dentri Extended

The Dentri Extended's enormous field of view (16 x 14.5 cm) expands the ability of your CBCT to encompass the frontal facial structures and expands your indications for treatment. The addition of 3D cephalometric software allows for cephalometric analysis with your CBCT image.

888-850-8810 • RSC #22

8. GALILEOS Compact/ComfortPLUS

ComfortPLUS offers safe results with absolute flexibility, intuitive ease of use, and high-resolution images with the lowest possible dose.
800-659-5977 • RSC #23

9. Veraview X800

Veraview X800 is a total performance imaging system. It offers a combination of 3D and 2D imaging for a unique image quality that delivers hospital level diagnostics used for appropriate treatment. Dose reduction and child mode reduce radiation exposure and scan time to increase patient confidence and satisfaction.

800-831-3222 • RSC #24

10. I-MAX

The new I-MAX is a compact  wall-mounted panoramic unit. You'll be able to view all clinical and anatomical details with maximum precision. The I-Max also offers a superlative performance/investment ratio.

RSC #25

11. Orthopos SL DCS

With the Orthophos imaging system, which has received several awards for image quality and design, dentists can produce top-quality images in 2D and 3D mode at a low radiation dose.
800-659-5977 • RSC #26


The I-Max Touch 3D is evolutive, simple, and fast. The flat panel sensor allows the practitioner to reach a very accurate diagnosis in seconds. An image of the entire dentition is acquired in a single 3D volume (8 x 8 cm) for an extended examination field that is ideal for implantology simulations.

RSC #27

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