Inside Dentistry
July 2018
Volume 14, Issue 7

digit Power ® Dispenser

Precision delivery of Aquasil® Ultra+ for superior intraoral impressions

Edwin A. McDonald III, DDS

I am very dedicated to creating strong relationships with my patients and providing them with healthy and beautiful smiles. When I'm not practicing esthetic and restorative dentistry in Texas, I am traveling across the United States lecturing about clinical topics to dentists, dental assistants, and students. Because of this, I like to stay on top of emerging products, new technology, and the latest research. Knowing what is available helps ensure that I am using the best products and teaching the most up to date clinical principles.

One of the product combinations that has impressed me recently is the digit Power® Dispenser and accompanying Aquasil® Ultra+ impression material. These two products have changed the way that I take impressions at my office.

For dentists who are looking to take excellent impressions, even in the most challenging circumstances, I suggest trying out the Aquasil Ultra+ material. You will not have to compromise on quality when using this product. Aquasil Ultra+ is the only brand of vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) impression material that features market leading intraoral tear strength, intraoral hydrophilicity, and delivery options to help clinicians capture accurate, highly detailed impressions for predictable restorative results. When combining impression materials, dentists and assistants should limit their choices to products within a single manufacturer's system because they are chemically designed to work with one another.

The features and benefits of impression materials are important; however, equally important is that they are accompanied by a clinically effective delivery system. Dentsply Sirona's digit Power Dispenser enables better access and control because it combines cutting-edge portable technology with a unique design to improve upon previous systems.

During my experience using the digit Power Dispenser delivery system, I have found that there are three key aspects to its superior performance. First, the precision of the instrument is ideal. It has a fine tip that is optimized to express material into the gingival sulcus and the very small spaces around implants. Second, I love the power of it. The flow dynamics of the material expressed by the digit Power Dispenser enable a better penetration into the gingival sulcus. And third, the instrument delivers material with a purpose. I can choose exactly where to inject the material, and it does so with continuous and consistent pressure. The digit Power Dispenser is small and more adaptable to smaller, less-accessible working areas when compared with larger, traditional mixing guns.

I use these products to facilitate a variety of procedures in my office. On one day, I may use them to take diagnostic impressions for an occlusal analysis; on another day, I might use them to complete a wax-up for a large case. I also use them to fabricate occlusal splints and other oral appliances that require a precise fit, to take implant impressions, and when I need to supplement a scan during a complex restorative case. The combination of the digit Power Dispenser and the Aquasil Ultra+ impression material is a vital component to my everyday operations.

Key Takeaways

Enables a convenient, ergonomic, and precise delivery for better access to the working area.

Has a small tip to express Aquasil Ultra+ impression material into the gingival sulcus and small spaces around implants.

Weighs up to 40% less than other dispensers, which improves operator control of the handpiece.

Includes built-in preset and user-specified timers with alarm notifications for work and set times.

About the Author

Edwin A. McDonald III, DDS

Private Practice

Plano, Texas

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