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Inside Dentistry
July 2018
Volume 14, Issue 7


Illuminating issues

So much of dentistry involves fixing problems, but finding those problems usually comes first. Whether detecting minor caries or oral cancer, the dentist has increasingly helpful tools available. Technologies leveraging biofluorescence, chemiluminescence, transillumination, and other advances help dentists diagnose problems earlier and more accurately. These devices are mostly small, lightweight, and ergonomic, making them easy for the dentist to use and comfortable for the patient. As an increasing number of healthcare professionals and patients understand and appreciate the link between oral and systemic health-and the dentist's role in it-staying up to date with the latest technology in diagnostics is of paramount importance.

51,450 Estimated new cases of oral cavity and pharynx cancer in 2018

1. Bio/Screen Oral Examination Light

This oral cancer biofluorescence screening device with powerful shortwave LEDs is lightweight and ergonomically designed. Special optical filters improve contrast between healthy and abnormal tissue to improve visualization.

203-778-0200 • RSC #90

2. Microlux 2

The ergonomic Microlux 2 includes features such as an easy-to-use push button to control the dual intensity operation that provides for better visualization of posterior caries.

203-778-0200 • RSC #91

3. CamX® Triton HD

The CamX Triton HD, an intraoral camera with an interchangeable head system, autofocus, and real HD image quality, provides valuable support in dental treatments and fosters patient education. The new Proxi interchangeable head's infrared light is used to find interproximal caries.

800-247-8324• RSC #92

4. Logicon Caries Detector Software

Detect and treat early interproximal caries on permanent teeth with Logicon caries detector software.

800-944-6365 • RSC #93

5. ViziLite PRO®

The latest innovation in light-based adjunctive screening technology uses powerful shortwave LEDs to generate biofluorescence and enhance visualization, providing a fast and effective approach to detecting potentially harmful oral abnormalities.

800-433-6628 • RSC #94

6. ViziLite TBlue

Designed to accurately detect abnormal lesions and rule out trauma. An easy-to-use, 60-second disposable rinse system reaches all areas of the mouth. ViziLite TBlue improves chances of diagnosing oral cancer early and helps prevent false positives.

800-433-6628 • RSC #95

7. DEXIS CariVu

A compact, portable caries detection device that uses patented transillumination technology to support the identification of occlusal, interproximal, and recurrent caries and cracks.

888-883-3947 • RSC #96

8. VELscope Vx

The VELscope Vx utilizes proprietary tissue fluorescence technology to aid in the visualization of oral mucosal abnormalities, including oral cancer. Backed by more clinical research than any other adjunctive screening device, the VELscope Vx is the market-leader for enhanced oral screening.

844-952-7327 • RSC #97

$10B Estimated value of the Global Dental Diagnostics and Surgical Equipments Market by 2022

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