Inside Dentistry
April 2018
Volume 14, Issue 4


Increased depth of cure simplifies composite restoration protocols

Jeffrey A. Nickas, DDS

Historically, dentists have been taught that incremental layering is the preferred and most predictable technique for the placement of composite restorations. Among other considerations, this technique is designed to prevent the incomplete curing of deep restorations by ensuring that each composite layer is fully cured before the next layer is placed. Although effective, incremental layering is time-consuming and has a propensity to introduce voids between the layers of composite. For this reason, a bulk-fill composite restorative material and technique may be preferable. The single-layer placement technique helps to decrease the incidence of interlayer voids, while still allowing for the complete curing of the restorative material. For those dentists who aspire to achieve predictable results while decreasing chair time, this technique may prove superior to incremental layering.

BISCO'S latest bulk-fill composite, REVEAL® HD Bulk, serves as an excellent restorative material for both anterior and posterior composite restorations where the placement of a bulk-fill composite is indicated. REVEAL HD Bulk combines excellent handling with ease of placement. It can be placed using either a total-etch or self-etch bonding technique, which gives the clinician choices when determining the most appropriate method for placing a restoration. Utilization of a universal adhesive, such as All-Bond Universal® (BISCO), enables this restorative material to be placed using both modalities.

Due to its innovative chemistry, REVEAL HD Bulk achieves a category-leading 5- to 6-mm depth of cure. This level of complete curing allows the dentist to place a composite restoration in fewer layers than was possible with previous materials. This is beneficial because it assures the complete curing of the composite throughout the entire restoration. This also allows for many restorations to be placed in one step, rather than incrementally, which reduces both the total overall steps and the chair time necessary when providing treatment for teeth that require deeper preparations. This creates a more streamlined process for a common procedure, providing an incentive for both clinician and patient alike.

REVEAL HD Bulk allows clinicians to simplify their composite restoration protocols. This benefit increases efficiency, improves the level of care for patients, and affords clinicians with peace of mind from the knowledge that they have happy patients whose easily placed restorations are strong and long-lasting.

Key Takeaways

1. Optimal viscosity for single-layer placement, handling, and filling capability

2. Category-leading depth of cure (5.0 mm to 6.0 mm)

3. Exceptional radiopacity for easy detection (4.0 mm AI)

About the Author

Jeffrey A. Nickas, DDS
Grand Dental
Sycamore, Illinois

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