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Inside Dentistry
December 2017
Volume 13, Issue 12

DUAL-FORCE™ Sectional Matrix System

More than just tight contacts

•Predictable, tight, and broad proximal contacts

•Minimizes flash and eliminates composite overhang

•Accomodates wide class IIs, including full cusp loss

•No loss of separating force means no need for retensioning

Although many advancements have been made throughout the years to increase the effectiveness and versatility of sectional rings, they still present many challenges for practitioners. To address some of these shortfalls, Clinician's Choice has created the DUAL-FORCE™ Sectional Matrix System. Through the use of a uniquely engineered ring, an innovative wedge, and a contoured matrix band that is broad enough to accommodate wider Class II preparations, the DUAL-FORCE Sectional Matrix System provides ideal proximal contacts and reduces overall finishing time.

Dual NiTi rings produce up to 37% more separating force while greatly reducing the hand strain required to expand the ring. The use of concentric NiTi wires ensures that the stress of expanding the ring is evenly distributed along the wires themselves, eliminating both the possibility of fracture and the need to retension. Independent articulated separating prongs provide equal and opposite separation force to the embrasure space. The angle and design of these interproximal separators serve to drive the prongs deeper into the embrasure space, adapting to the cusps for enhanced stability, eliminating the chance of “pop-off,” and helping to seal the vertical margin of the preparation to minimize composite flash. Once properly placed, the DUAL-FORCE ring sits at a 20° angle to the occlusal plane. This design feature allows the ring to be placed and still clear an adjacent rubber dam clamp or a prominent cusp. This 20° placement angle also allows two DUAL-FORCE rings to be easily “stacked” when indicated for an MOD restoration.

DUAL-FORCE's Active-Wedges™ are contoured and incorporate a hollowed tip that collapses for easy insertion and then rebounds to lock the wedge into place and fully seal the matrix band against the gingival margin. All five sizes of Active-Wedges contain a strong internal spine, enabling them to exert 2 lbs of separation force. Deep gingival margins that approach furcations are always a challenge to seal and make it difficult to limit the amount of composite overhang. Clinician's Choice has addressed this challenge with the No. 5 “Deep Seal” wedge. The Deep Seal bubble seals the matrix against the concavity of the gingival margin, eliminating composite overhangs that would otherwise be very difficult to remove.

The combination of a thin, 0.015-inch matrix band and unique Punch Pliers facilitate easy placement and removal of the DualForce system. Available in three sizes (ie, 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm, and 6.5 mm), these stainless steel matrix bands are wide enough to facilitate full cusp replacement and strong enough to resist crimping.

Exclusively distributed in the USA by Henry Schein Dental, the innovative DualForce Sectional Matrix System makes Class II composite restorations more predictable in contour, contact, and finishing efficiency.

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