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Inside Dentistry
September 2017
Volume 13, Issue 9

New Products

A | ELECTROmatic

The ELECTROmatic motor system delivers constant speed and constant torque, allowing precise preparations at the defined speed. Easily adjust the speed on the control system display for a wide range of indications. In combination with KaVo handpieces, KaVo electric systems provide stable control from 2 - 200,000 rpm for efficient and highly precise work. | 800-537-7123

B | Compo-Brush

The Compo-Brushes were developed in partnership with the aesthetic group Style Italiano and are intended for composite staining.  Their black synthetic fiber allows for extreme precision with the best contrast between tip and composite. They provide a working quality that is superior to standard brushes. | 877-755-6868

C | Programat® CS4

The new Programat® CS4 from Ivoclar Vivadent is a combination furnace for dental practices suitable for sintering zirconium oxide restorations, including IPS e.max® ZirCAD®. The compact furnace is useful for crystalizing and glazing CAD-processed lithium disilicate and other restorations, such as IPS e.max CAD and IPS Empress CAD. | 800-533-6825

D | Multi-Unit Abutment Plus

Multi-Unit Abutment Plus is designed for an easy and fast temporization workflow. By introducing a snap-fit function between the Temporary Snap Coping and the abutment, screws are no longer required at the try-in stage. | 800-322-5002

E | Legacy MT

The Legacy MT is a Multi Tapered instrument providing flexible, safe, efficient cutting. Includes 3 shaping files (SX, S1, S2) and 5 Finishing files (F1, F2, F3, F4, F5). All files have non-cutting tips to prevent ledging. Available in Standard NiTi and Controlled Memory for increased flexibility. | 855-737-0220

F | X-Smart IQ

The X-Smart IQ is more than just an endodontic motor. It also provides you with the powerful capabilities of an iOS App, right at your fingertips. Intelligently designed as a fulltreatment solution, it provides support through every step of your endodontic procedures. | 800-662-1202

G | LS Tips & Syringes

A new generation of a low-shrink composite indicated for all classes of restorations, Beautifil II LS, has been developed to minimize polymerization shrinkage and shrinkage stress. Inclusive of Shofu’s proprietary Giomer chemistry, clinically proven in 8- and 13-year recall studies, this material demonstrated the volumetric shrinkage of 0.85% and polymerization shrinkage stress of 2.72 MPa. | 800-827-4638

H | VIZ®

ADIN Digital’s Intraoral scanner VIZ® allows every doctor to become digital, at an affordable price. The VIZ generates a real-time 3D image, with a scan duration of less than 30 seconds per quadrant. It comes with replaceable multi tips for different mouth anatomies. The incorporation of an ergonomic wand and a unique camera technology developed by Basler AG make VIZ the best solution for the doctors’ essential scanning needs.

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