Inside Dentistry
June 2017
Volume 13, Issue 6

A Closer Look at Dental Loupes

PeriOptix™ loupes achieve high-quality magnification with style and comfort

Stacey Layman, DDS

As dental tools and technologies evolve into the future, it’s astonishing how many dentists still avoid using loupes in their daily practice. Many fail to do so simply because they’ve been unable to find a set that truly works for them. It can be a difficult and slow process to adjust to using loupes. With a tight schedule and a patient in the chair, there’s often no time to adapt to new equipment—especially equipment that can be heavy, uncomfortable, and so bizarre in appearance that it is off-putting to patients. But loupes are so useful to both dentists and hygienists that many of us have accumulated multiple pairs and spent thousands of dollars trying to find just the right set. Wearing dental loupes and headlights can improve visualization as well as working posture. As a result, musculoskeletal stress is reduced along with the chance of neck and back problems that can shorten career longevity.

Originally, I used a set of 2.5x magnification loupes, but when I began doing cosmetic dentistry, I invested in a set of 4.8x loupes. I didn’t get a headlight because I assumed that the overhead light would be sufficient. It was difficult to adjust to the strength of the 4.8x loupes, and even now I have to stop often and readjust when using them. Then I tried a set of 3.1x PeriOptix loupes with a headlight. Despite the lower magnification, I noticed a huge improvement because of the overall clarity of the optics and the addition of the light. As a result of the impressive field of view, the eyes adjust quickly, so it’s possible to simply put them on and begin to work. There is no awkward adjustment period, and they are so lightweight and comfortable that I often forget that they are on my head. Perioptix has introduced a number of innovations, including a unique modular frame system for loupes, the first portable LED light source, and a proprietary locking mechanism designed to simplify the adjustment of flip-up style loupes. At one time, I would have recommended that a first-time loupe buyer start lower and work his or her way up to a greater magnification. But after using PeriOptix loupes, I can confidently recommend starting at the 3.1x magnification level with a light. I even keep several additional pairs at my office for new hires or temporary hygienists because I don’t want anyone working without them.

PeriOptix loupes are impressive in all the ways that matter most to a practicing dental professional. They have an exceptional field of view, great optical clarity, and a lightweight, ergonomic design—as well as being stylish, with frames available from brand name designers. Without a doubt, every practitioner who tries PeriOptix loupes will be left wondering how they ever did without them—but without them, you can’t see what you’re missing.

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About the Author

Stacey Layman, DDS, maintains a general practice in Glendale, Arizona, with a strong focus on cosmetic restorative dentistry and sleep apnea. She is also the President of GoGo Billing, a provider of medical billing services for dentists.

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