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Inside Dentistry
May 2017
Volume 13, Issue 5


A universal solution for digital sensor positioning

As dentists transition to digital sensors and away from film, one of the significant challenges they face is accurately positioning the sensors in a way that is fast and easy.

Unlike film, sensors are not a universal size or shape, and their rigidity can make it difficult for proper parallel positioning during exposure. This process can be time consuming, so dentists require a positioning system that is intuitive and efficient.

For years, dentists and their staff have relied on parallel positioning systems that employ a bite block, a positioning arm, and an aiming ring. So the ideal system would incorporate the same principals, but apply them to the physical challenges posed by the intraoral dental sensor.

Sensibles sensor positioners from Flow Dental offer the solution. The Sensibles system features an adjustable bite block that works with a ratcheting mechanism to firmly lock the sensor into place.

Recently, the Sensibles bite block has undergone a major improvement. Each Sensible bite block now features unique locking bumpers. These bumpers allow the practitioner to quickly and easily adjust the bite block for a posterior, anterior, horizontal, or even vertical bitewing. On the large size sensor holder, there are five locking positions, and on the Medium size, there are four locking positions. To change the bite plane relative to the sensor, all the dentist has to do is gently wiggle the bite block up or down and over the locking bumpers. Once the bite block is settled in between the locking bumpers, they are set. For example, the bite plane can be moved to the mid-point of the sensor to go from a posterior x-ray to an interproximal x-ray in seconds. And all of this can be done chairside, without changing parts, which results in even more time savings for the dentist.

For difficult anterior x-rays involving the presence of a shallow palette, this new feature allows the practitioner to lower the position of the sensor relative to the bite plane, which can increase patient comfort and satisfaction.

When taking bitewing images, the dentist can now easily position the sensor, regardless of size, at the midline of the opposing dentition.

Sensibles are autoclavable, reusable, and available in multiple sizes. The large size works with most size 2 sensors and the medium size works with most size 0 and size 1 sensors. In addition, the system comes with dedicated aiming rings and positioning bars that provide the same level of accuracy and reliability as Flow Dental's RAPiD film positioner.

Sensibles can be purchased in various size starter kits for greater convenience too, and are proudly made in the USA. For more information please visit or contact your local dealer.

• Adjustable bite block with ratcheting mechanism firmly locks sensors into place
• Autoclavable, reusable, and available in multiple sizes
• Dedicated aiming rings and positioning bars for accuracy and reliability

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