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Inside Dentistry
May 2017
Volume 13, Issue 5

Evanesce Nano-Enhanced Restorative Material

Achieve true universality without compromise

Douglas Harvey, DDS

Over the years, dentists have had to adapt their composite restorative technique to accommodate the shortcomings of each material's physical properties and handling characteristics. Certain composites were used for posterior restorations, while others were more suitable to anterior applications. In order to create the most life-like, naturally esthetic result, combinations of different types of composites were often layered to take advantage of the positive characteristics of each. This resulted in drawers and trays full of various composite shades and formulations that were expensive to keep stocked and a nightmare to keep organized.

To solve this problem, Clinician's Choice Dental Products Inc. has recently introduced Evanesce, a nano-enhanced universal restorative material. This nano-hybrid composite features the characteristics of a direct restorative material intended to replace natural tooth structure and is truly universal. It performs equally as well in anterior applications as it does in posterior ones. With a low shrinkage rate of 2% and high compressive and flexural strengths, Evanesce is ideally suited for the most challenging posterior composite indications. However, it is Evanesce's ability to blend into the surrounding tooth structure and its putty-like handling that give it its unique universal capabilities.

Its "Evanesce Effect," which ensures invisible margins, is the result of nano-pigments and fillers that maximize its refractive and reflective indexes. Rheological modifiers within Evanesce enable anatomy to be sculpted without slumping, and the material can be adapted to the preparation or thinned out along the surface without fear of pull-back or sticking.

Evanesce's shades mimic the VITA Classic shade guide, have natural fluorescence, and exhibit color stability over time. For the clinician who prefers to use a layering technique utilizing various opacities, Evanesce is available in two formulations: Enamel (80% opacity) and Dentin (90% opacity). The clinician who prefers a single-shade composite restoration will be impressed with the esthetic result achieved using Evanesce's Universal formulation (85% opacity). Two bleach shades and three Enamel FX shades (White, Incisal, and Clear) complete Evanesce's line-up, all of which allow the clinician to create the ultimate esthetic, life-like restoration. The opacities and shades represented by Evanesce are the most commonly encountered on a patient-to-patient basis.

Evanesce nano-enhanced universal restorative material has achieved true universality without compromise.

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About the Author

Douglas Harvey, DDS, served as a dental officer at the Canadian National Defence headquarters before enjoying a career in solo general practice until 2015. A long-standing member of the International Dental Study Club, he has also served in organized dentistry at the local and provincial levels. Currently, Dr. Harvey is a consultant in clinical affairs with Clinician's Choice Dental Products.

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