Inside Dentistry
April 2017
Volume 13, Issue 4

TheraCem™ Self-Adhesive Resin Cement

Joseph Kim, DDS, JD

In recent years, there have been significant changes and additions to our choices of indirect materials. These changes have often been accompanied by modified techniques and luting materials, requiring clinicians to invest in multiple compatible chemical substrate primers and cements. While some of the newer materials allow for the use of familiar, traditional luting cements, it often comes at the cost of decreased retention bond strengths. However, the use of resin-based cements for maximum retention involves increased technique sensitivity and chairtime to deliver indirect restorations.

Traditionally, the use of resin-based cement has been a fairly complicated endeavor requiring soft tissue management to stop any bleeding, excellent isolation from moisture, and preparation of dental surfaces by cleaning, etching, priming, and curing. These steps are time consuming, and the tooth is often not ideally prepared because of excessive etching and desiccation of the dentin, or difficulty controlling bleeding after exposure to the etchant and again after application of the adhesive.

Self-adhesive resin cements offer a solution to the traditional compromise between retentive bond strength and technique sensitivity by combining the superior bond strengths of resin-based cements with a cementation protocol that is simpler than for traditional cements. With these cements, there is no need to apply etchant, primers, or adhesives to the prepared dental surfaces. This results in shorter delivery appointments and greater predictability in preparations with subgingival margins, where chemical or mechanical irritation tends to result in bleeding.

BISCO’s latest resin cement advances this concept with the addition of chemical protection at the margins and universal adhesion to all popular substrate materials. TheraCem™ is a dual-cured, calcium and fluoride-releasing, self-adhesive resin cement indicated for luting crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and all types of posts. Delivering a strong bond to zirconia and most substrates, along with easy clean up and high radiopacity, TheraCem offers clinicians reliable and durable cementation of most indirect restorations.

Due to its innovative chemistry, TheraCem achieves a high degree of chemical conversion, which ensures a high physical strength. Another unique feature is TheraCem’s initial acidic pH in the self-adhesive process, which switches to an alkaline pH within minutes.

TheraCem allows clinicians to simplify their cementation protocols, decrease chairtime, and increase long-term peace of mind, while providing their patients with indirect restorations that have incredible retention and durability.

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About the Author

Joseph Kim, DDS, JD, maintains a general practice focused on sedation dentistry and full-arch implant therapy in the Chicago suburbs. Dr. Kim is excited to serve as a consultant to BISCO, working with the Research and Development Department in the development of new and innovative products.

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