Inside Dentistry
April 2017
Volume 13, Issue 4

Absolute Dentin Core Composite

A high strength core composite for demanding restorative situations

•Strong, stable support for restorations—172 MPa flexural strength
•Dual-cure capability means that there is no need to build and light cure the core in layers
•Features Barcol hardness of 72, the same hardness as natural dentin
•Radiopaque for easy detection on radiographs

Today’s esthetic restorations demand a durable, supporting core. Absolute Dentin™ meets that demand. Not only is Absolute Dentin strong and esthetically pleasing, it stacks well and prepares like dentin. One of the greatest attributes in choosing Absolute Dentin is that it is versatile. It can be used to build up a core in a tooth as well as cement endodontic posts.

Even the smallest amount of flex in a composite core could compromise a fragile ceramic crown and cause it to craze or fracture. Absolute Dentin was formulated to cure to a Barcol hardness of 72, the typical hardness of dentin. With a 172 MPa flexural strength, cores fabricated with Absolute Dentin are sure to be long-lasting and durable while maintaining high resistance to flexing.

Because the material has similar hardness to dentin, preparing a core is seamless. There is no concern about the bur ditching when it hits Absolute Dentin. Prepping from core to tooth and back again is a smooth transition.

The material has excellent flow directly out of the automix cartridge system, even though it is stackable. There is minimal waste with either the 10 mL (2 cartridge system, 20 mL total) or the 50 mL cartridges that are available as delivery systems. The dual-cure capability means that there is no need to build and light cure the core in layers. The self-cure component is necessary and worry-free when it is impossible to get a curing light into the deepest areas, such as an endodontic canal when cementing a post.

Absolute Dentin is available in three convenient shades—Arctic White for an opaque-like esthetic restorative need, Tooth Shade for matching most natural tooth structures, and Blue Shade for times when it is absolutely necessary to have a clear delineation between the core and the tooth structure. All shades are extremely radiopaque for easy detection on radiographs. While many dual-cured composites don’t work well with certain adhesive systems, Absolute Dentin is extremely compatible with Brush&Bond® and Brush&Bond Universal Adhesive systems. The combination ensures that the restoration is optimized for strength and durability.

Absolute Dentin is an efficient, economical way of cementing posts and fabricating heavy-duty, esthetic cores. The material’s streamline placement reduces chairtime and produces long-lasting results.

Founded in 1948, Parkell, Inc. is a family-owned company, producing a complete range of quality materials and equipment. The company’s approach to product development is to find out what problems dentists have, through research studies, focus groups, surveys, on-staff dentists, and evaluators, and then focus on solving those problems throughout the design process. Absolute Dentin is a prime example of the company’s commitment to practical solutions for today’s restorative challenges.

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