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Inside Dentistry
February 2017
Volume 13, Issue 2

Practice Essentials

A: Tuff-Temp™ Plus

Strong, impact resistant rubberized-resin doesn’t shrink or distort and grips the tooth tightly. It virtually eliminates fractures and debonding, and grinds and powders during trimming without softening or distorting.


B: Mocom B Futura

The B Futura is a class B sterilizer capable of sterilizing solid instruments, hollow instruments, and porous materials. It employs a fractional pre-vacuum, which allows more complete penetration of steam. B Futura’s long list of smart data management features show why it’s known as the “intelligent” sterilizer.


C: MASTERmatic LUX M25 L High Speed

Offering ergonomics and cost-efficiency, the MASTERmatic uses a unique triple gear system for power and quiet, low-vibration operation, along with plasmatec coating, optical waveguide with 25,000 catch, stainless steel construction, INTRAmatic connection, and exchangeable spray microfilter.


D: BellaTek® Encode® Impression System

BellaTek Encode Impression System is a unique and proprietary, simplified process, which opens up new workflows to laboratories. There is no need to create a cast, which results in fewer steps in the treatment process.


E: Local Anesthetic Delivery System®

The Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System is a revolutionary way to simply buffer local anesthetics. Minimize injection pain and go to work 2 minutes after anesthetizing the patient.


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