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Inside Dentistry
September 2016
Volume 12, Issue 9

Simplify the Cementation Process

Figure 1 | Maxcem Elite Chroma is the first self-etching/self-adhesive resin cement with a cleanup indictor.It delivers all the benefits of using a resin cement to deliver final restorations with the added benefit of knowing exactly when it is time to clean up the excess.

With so many different resin cements on the market today it can be challenging to remember all of their specific steps to prep the porcelain and the teeth. Each company recommends that you use a specific bonding system for their cement and that you follow specific steps during the process. This can be confusing for the team. For years I have been trying to streamline our systems and find one universal cement that can be used predictably for most clinical situations. I was introduced to Maxcem Elite Chroma a few months back, and I am excited to see its potential.

In one of our cases, a 35-year-old woman presented with a large composite on tooth No. 14 with extensive distal decay undermining the distal lingual cusp. The tooth was prepped for an all-ceramic crown and the final impression was taken using a CEREC Omnicam. The restoration was designed and milled, the crown was tried in, and minimal adjustments were made. The porcelain was then etched with hydrofluoric acid and silane was applied. Because this is a self-etching/self-adhesive cement, the preparation needed to be washed off and dried, and then the crown was filled with cement and delivered using firm pressure as the cement cured.

Maxcem Elite Chroma turns from white when extruded to a bright pink color when seated and then back to white when it is time to clean it up. Once it has turned back to white, an explorer is used to gently flake off the excess cement on the buccal and lingual. Floss is then used to remove all interproximal resin easily while firm pressure is applied to the crown to minimize any moving or shifting. The bite is then adjusted and polished and the procedure is complete. There is no need to refrigerate Maxcem Elite Chroma, and it provides easy cleanup, all delivered in a dual-barrel automix delivery system. It is compatible with all indirect restorations, including ceramics, PFMs, zirconia and metal restorations, and CAD/CAM materials.

The life of a dentist can be stressful as we move from room to room to see our patients and sometimes we don’t stop to think how our patients are viewing their appointment. They just want things to go smoothly, with minimal pain, and for us to do it in a timely manner. To minimize complications for ourselves and our patients, we should use products like this that are predictable, simple, and allow us to competently do our jobs.

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