Inside Dentistry
August 2016
Volume 12, Issue 8

The Equiva Crown

Porcelain-layered-to-zirconia, the “go-to” restoration of choice

Figure 1 | Despite the popularity of monolithic/chairside restorations, many doctors still prefer the undeniable esthetics and lifelike appearance of traditional porcelain-layered-to-zirconia restorations. Without the dull opaqueness of full zirconia crowns, most patients and practitioners still prefer the vitality and translucency of hand-layered porcelain layered over a zirconia framework (replacing the ever popular porcelain-fused-to-metal [PFM] restoration). With Equiva, there are no dark metal margins—even after years of use.

This has become the new “go-to” restoration for many dental practices. The allure of prescribing this type of crown is that it eliminates the guesswork for doctors.

Equiva is a metal-free restoration that is suitable for both posterior and anterior restorations, whether doing a single unit or full-mouth case, with a flexural strength of over 1,100 MPa. It can even be prescribed for single unit crowns fit to a partial. Equiva layered zirconia restorations have the beauty and translucency of natural teeth, even under ultraviolet or UVA lighting, offering the best esthetics and functionality for a truly exceptional restoration. Some contraindications include limited occlusal space or if the patient is a bruxer.

Customization is perhaps the biggest benefit and differentiator over full zirconia restorations. Doctors and patients can choose to custom blend various shades to match unique incisal, gingival, or dentin shades, calcification spots, etc.

Chairside milling and full zirconia restorations have not achieved the same level of brilliance and shade characterization/customization as with a porcelain-layered-to-zirconia restoration. Further, patients are more satisfied because they prefer the softer, more comfortable feel of porcelain, as it is less abrasive to opposing teeth compared to solid zirconia.

Other benefits include predictable and reliable results. The preparation is similar to PFM, and traditional impressions and/or scans can be used to fabricate the restoration.

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