Inside Dentistry
April 2016
Volume 12, Issue 4

Maxcem Elite™ Chroma

Take the guesswork out of cleanup with the Color Cleanup Indicator

Figure 1 | Maxcem Elite Chroma is the first self-etch/self-adhesive resin cement offering a Color Cleanup Indicator, making it the smartest cement available on the market today. The pink color (Color Cleanup Indicator) fades at the gel state, visually showing the optimal time to clean up excess cement. As a dual-cure cement, Maxcem Elite Chroma can be used in both self-cure or tack-cure modes. Regardless of the technique, the Color Cleanup Indicator informs the clinician when the cement has reached gel state, allowing for certainty and predictability in cement cleanup. Once cured, the pink color disappears as a result of the polymerization process. Poor cleanup may result in crown debonding, soft tissue inflammation, gum recession, marginal staining, and peri-implantitis. With Maxcem Elite Chroma, these issues can be mitigated following proper cement cleanup.

Maxcem Elite Chroma employs the same unique adhesive monomer used in Kerr’s OptiBond family of bonding agents. The optimized resin matrix and filler systems improve wettability, resulting in greater adhesion to dentin. Maxcem Elite Chroma forms a strong and durable bond with a wide variety of dental substrates and it is compatible with all indirect restorations, such as anterior or posterior ceramics, PFMs, metal restorations, and CAD/CAM materials. In terms of esthetics, Maxcem Elite Chroma maintains desired color stability for better esthetics and shade matching.

In addition to the Color Cleanup Indicator, Maxcem Elite Chroma is available with an automix delivery system and can be stored easily without refrigeration. As a trademark to the Kerr family of cements under the Maxcem Elite brand, Maxcem Elite Chroma is also characterized by One-Peel™ cleanup technology, which allows for swift removal of excess cement. Maxcem Elite Chroma comes equipped in a dual-barrel syringe with single-use automix tips and optional curved dispensing tips.

With 125 years of celebrated experience, Kerr Corporation continues to deliver more innovative solutions in order to meet the needs of the evolving landscape and artistry of dentistry.

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