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Inside Dentistry
August 2015
Volume 11, Issue 8

A-dec ICX®

Easy, effective, and continual waterline maintenance

Dental unit waterline systems become contaminated with regular use, potentially posing a serious threat of infection to patients, as biofilm builds and adheres to the inner surfaces of the waterlines. Biofilm (bacterial cells immobilized in an organic polymer matrix) protect bacteria from antimicrobial treatment water flow, making it resistant to removal. Shock treatments with aggressive chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite aim to eliminate contamination once it has developed, but without residual protection, water quality may deteriorate between applications.

Scientific engineers at A-dec specifically formulated ICX effervescing tablets to maintain waterlines on a daily basis. The pre-packaged tablets:

· prevent the accumulation of odor and foul-tasting bacteria.
· require no mixing or measuring.
· contain three primary active ingredients (sodium percarbonate, silver nitrate, and cationic surfactants).
· provide safe treatment for patients and staff, and are non-corrosive to dental equipment.
· remain active in the system for at least 2 weeks, eliminating the need to purge waterlines at night.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognizes the importance of appropriate maintenance protocols for water delivery systems.

Along with daily protection, “maintain, monitor, and shock” is a widely accepted method for ongoing self-contained waterline care:
· Maintain—At each refill, drop a fresh ICX tablet into bottle, fill, and wait 2 minutes for the tablet to fully dissolve.
· Monitor—Periodically test water in all treatment rooms using a water monitoring kit that provides a quantitative measurement of heterotrophic bacteria.
· Shock—If monitor results indicate contamination, perform a shock treatment of the waterlines.

A-dec ICX tablets are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. They are compatible for use with restorative bonding materials, and will not affect strength.

When used according to these instructions for every bottle refill, operators can expect optimum efficacy for control of odor and foul-tasting bacteria.


·No mixing or measuring required

·Provides safe treatment for patients and staff

·Non-corrosive to dental equipment

·Remains active in the system for at least 2 weeks


“With A-dec, there’s a tremendous level of commitment to the doctor. Rather than being interested in selling products, A-dec makes sure I’m getting a lasting solution that works flawlessly.”

Joseph D’Angelo, DDS
La Jolla, California

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