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Inside Dentistry
July 2015
Volume 11, Issue 7


Fluoride | Enamel Pro® Gel

Premier Dental

Figure 1 | Enamel Pro Gel is a 1.23% non-acidulated fluoride topical gel with amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) technology. ACP acts as an enhanced fluoride delivery system to promote fluoride delivery to the teeth and help inhibit demineralization while enhancing remineralization. Enamel Pro Gel delivers the same amount of enamel fluoride uptake as acidulated phosphate fluoride gels without the addition of phosphoric acid, an ingredient in APF gels. It is also safe for patients with porcelain, composite restorations, and sealants and will not dull or etch teeth. The gluten-free formulation is available in 16-oz bottles in three great flavors and no acidic aftertaste.

Varnishes | Enamel Pro® Varnish

Premier Dental

Figure 2 | Enamel Pro Varnish is a fluoride-containing preparation for the treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity and the reduction of postoperative sensitivity. Enamel Pro Varnish has been shown to diminish hydraulic conductance by 73%. Independent studies have shown Enamel Pro Varnish with ACP delivers more enamel fluoride uptake and greater fluoride release than the varnish with tri-calcium phosphate. Easy to apply and esthetically pleasing, Enamel Pro Varnish is gluten free and available in three great flavors in easy-to-use single-unit doses with applicator brush. Give your patients the benefit of using Enamel Pro Varnish, the only fluoride varnish formulated to deliver ACP.

Prophy Paste | Enamel Pro® Prophy Paste

Premier Dental

Figure 3 | This revolutionary prophy paste forms amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) when it contacts the patient’s teeth and saliva to create a lustrous polish and shine even after rinsing. The available ACP helps prevent future damage by stimulating remineralization of the tooth enamel. In addition, the precipitation of fluoride with ACP has the potential for rapid incorporation of fluoride into the tooth.

ACP fills in surface enamel crevices for an intense polish and shine. Patients and dental professionals will appreciate the pleasant aroma, flavors, and taste of Enamel Pro, as it removes stains, polishes quickly without splatter, and rinses off easily.

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