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Inside Dentistry
June 2015
Volume 11, Issue 6

Any etch. Any procedure. One bottle.

DENTSPLY Caulk’s Prime&Bond Elect® Universal Adhesive is situation-ready, allowing the operator to choose their preferred etching method—total etch, self-etch or selective etch—across all direct and indirect indications. Built on the clinically proven chemistry of Prime&Bond® NT™ Adhesive, one of the world’s most widely used and clinically tested adhesives, you can be confident that you’re achieving the consistent, high bond strengths, low film thickness and virtually no postoperative sensitivity required to meet the clinical needs of your patients.

Built off of 13 years of proven PENTA (ie, dipentaerythritol pentaacrylate monophosphate) resin technology from Prime and Bond NT Adhesive, Prime&Bond Elect Universal Adhesive provides a unique micromechanical and chemical bond for long-term success with virtually no postoperative sensitivity. It is ideal in cases where the preparation is primarily in enamel and total-etch technique may be preferred, in preparations with significant exposed dentin where a self-etch technique is warranted, and for preparations containing both enamel and dentin where clinicians can utilize a selective-etch technique. With this versatility, Prime&Bond Elect Universal Adhesive simplifies chairside decision-making by allowing you to choose the best etching technique for the substrate to which you are bonding, while streamlining your adhesive inventory. In addition, Prime&Bond Elect Adhesive provides low film thickness. Thicker adhesives have a tendency to pool in the corners of the proximal box of a Class II. These adhesive pools show up as translucent areas on the radiograph, which can easily be misdiagnosed as a void, gap, or secondary decay. In indirect applications, low adhesive film thickness can make crown seating easier. With a lower film thickness of resin–dentin and resin–enamel interfaces, Prime&Bond Elect Adhesive offers accuracy and confidence in your results.

Adhesive Inventory

· Low film thickness
· Cures clear
· Clinically proven PENTA (dipentaerythritol pentaacrylate monophosphate) technology
· Universal Adhesive—supports direct and indirect applications using any etching technique
· One bottle—streamlines adhesive inventory


“In my mind, Prime&Bond Elect is the answer to dental bonding in every way for everyday dentistry. It is simple and versatile, while reducing inventory. Whatever the case demands in adhesion whether it is self-, selective, or total etch, I am confident in the clinical outcome. In essence, it is the one-stop bonding agent of choice. Prime&Bond Elect provides the proper bonding adhesion mechanics the tooth, prep, or case presents (eg, “dentin quality”); it offers a one-bottle solution for total vs. self-etch, the big buzz words today; it is easy to use and reduces inventory with its versatility." 

Lori Trost, DMD

“Prime&Bond Elect is a versatile product that is simple to use. Since I started using Prime&Bond Elect, I have virtually no problems with patient post-op sensitivity.”

Susan Berlin, DDS

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