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Inside Dentistry
April 2015
Volume 11, Issue 4

Marketplace Bite Registration

Blu-Mousse® & Green-Mousse®

Parkell, Inc.

Figure 1 | An all-around classic, Blu-Mousse sets the standard by which other registration materials are judged. Dentists appreciate how easy it is to use, how accurate and durable the bite registrations turn out, and all of the different ways they’ve come to use it. Distinct characteristics—such as its no-slump consistency, rigid set, dimensional accuracy, and choice of setting speeds—make it ideal for a full range of non-traditional impression techniques.

With the same fluffy non-slump consistency and accuracy but with less stiffness, Green-Mousse is ideal when you need a little more flexibility in your impressions and bite registrations—such as when undercuts or periodontal involvement are issues, or multiple pours are necessary.

Clinical demonstration using Blu-Mousse material to take an accurate bite registration


· Exceptional accuracy

· Plaster-like hardness

· Resists flex-distortion

· No taste or resistance

· Dependable, no slump consistency

· Choice of setting speeds

Bausch Articulating Papers | Bausch Dental

Figure 2 | Bausch Articulating Papers feature progressive color transfer to highlight overall pressure distribution: The lighter the bite, the lighter the mark, and the harder the bite, the darker the mark. A dentist can easily obtain accurate pressure distribution within seconds. High spots are immediately visible. Bausch 200µ Articulating Paper with progressive color transfer can highlight any existing masticatory pressure interference clearly.

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