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Inside Dentistry
March 2015
Volume 11, Issue 3

CHAIRSIDE™ Product Portfolio

An end-to-end solution for implant-retained overdentures

Developing innovative product solutions for overdenture applications has been at the core of ZEST Anchors’ 40-year history, leading to product solutions that have enhanced outcomes for both clinicians and patients alike.

ZEST Anchors continues this innovative path with the CHAIRSIDE Product Portfolio—a series of dental tools and materials that provide an end-to-end solution for implant-retained overdenture modification and processing.

The first product ZEST Anchors introduced in the CHAIRSIDE Portfolio was CHAIRSIDE Attachment Processing Material, a pick-up material designed for ease of use and predictability when processing Denture Attachment Housings and other attachment components into overdentures.

Continuing to refine the efficiency and accuracy of the process, ZEST Anchors has introduced the latest advancement in the CHAIRSIDE Portfolio—the CHAIRSIDE Denture Prep & Polish Kit with all the instruments dental professionals need for the efficient and accurate pick-up of Denture Attachment Housings.

The CHAIRSIDE Product Portfolio, united with the LOCATOR® Abutment, LOCATOR Overdenture Implant System (LODI), and SATURNO™ Products, provides clinicians with innovative solutions for implant-retained overdentures from
a convenient and trusted source—
ZEST Anchors.


• A comprehensive kit consisting of Recess, Trim, Undercut, Grind and Vent Burs, as well as a Polisher, all of which are designed to address the most frequent overdenture preparation requirements

• Includes a custom CHAIRSIDE Recess Bur, specifically designed by ZEST Anchors, that quickly and easily prepares the exact size recess for the LOCATOR and SATURNO Denture Attachment Housings (Denture Caps)

• CHAIRSIDE Attachment Processing
• Material is a pick-up material that is cost efficient, simple to apply, and patient friendly


"The CHAIRSIDE Denture Prep and Polish Kit is well organized, which makes it easy for me to navigate through the denture preparation steps. The custom Recess Bur significantly cuts down on the time it takes me to create the appropriately sized recess for the LOCATOR denture attachment housings."

Charles Mastrovich, DDS
Escondido, California

ZEST Anchors

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