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Inside Dentistry
November 2014
Volume 10, Issue 11

Implementing Benco Dental’s OneVisit™ System

Crown procedures can be simplified and completed in one visit

Joseph Fox, DDS, FICOI

I received Benco Dental’s OneVisit™ system in September 2013. The system includes a 3M™ True Definition Scanner, a design computer featuring IOS Glidewell FastDesign software for the CAD portion, and an IOS Glidewell TS150™ mill for the CAM portion of the CAD/CAM procedure.

The biggest obstacle to using this system, as with any technology, is adapting to changes that will occur in your office. However, with time and practice, I overcame these challenges and began to achieve consistent results.

The first challenge: Increased time per procedure while learning how each piece of the puzzle interacted, and the uncertainty of learning. We are all taught how to take an impression. We are not taught how to take a digital impression. In my user-defined estimation, it takes approximately 50 to 100 scans with the 3M True Definition Scanner to become proficient. Now, after more than 600 scans, I have become very adept with the wand.

The second piece of the puzzle: Learning the FastDesign software. Though very user-friendly, mastering the FastDesign takes time, probably 30 to 50 different designs before you feel comfortable with the software.

The easy part: the mill, a straightforward piece of equipment. The TS150 mill only mills crowns, so it requires no real learning curve.

I began implementing the system in my office by doubling the amount of time I scheduled to do a crown. For the first 20 to 30 crowns, I booked 2 hours for each solo effort. When I consistently met or bettered that time, gaining experience and confidence in the system, I shortened the allotment. I’ve since returned to 1 hour per crown for a single, and 1.5 hours for two crowns on the same patient.

My restorative material of choice is Lava™ Ultimate by 3M ESPE. I chose this over a traditional porcelain-fused-to-metal crown because of its relative ease of handling, short mill time, and outstanding chameleon effects, combined with 3M ESPE’s endorsement.

Five additional unforeseen benefits to my office:

1. Every patient has been amazed at our capabilities with the new technology. They are completely fascinated by each aspect of it and enjoy watching me complete every step.

2. With the OneVisit technology, they do not have to return for a crown. Patients love this benefit.

3. The technology has allowed me much more face time with each patient.

4. Based on the decrease in overhead, I can offer the service at a reduced rate to my patients.

5. Direct referrals due to the aforementioned reasons. In a word: Fantastic.

Key Takeaways

• Proficiency and mastery, like anything in dentistry, is about dedication

• Digital dentistry has increased productivity without compromise

• Chairside CAD/CAM integration allows more staff involvement and ownership

• Continuous software improvements will allow operational efficiencies in dentistry

• Predictable outcomes are the expectation and not the hope

About the Author

Joseph Fox, DDS, FICOI is owner of Fox Family Dental in Sun City, Arizona.

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