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Inside Dentistry
October 2014
Volume 10, Issue 10

OP300 Maxio by Instrumentarium Dental

Supercharge your practice with OP300 Maxio Pan/Ceph/3D System

OP300 Maxio from Instrumentarium Dental is the newest member of the legendary OP300 digital imaging platform. With OP300 Maxio, clinicians can enhance their dental practice with accurate treatment planning tools for endodontics, implants, orthodontics and more. This new system combines imaging flexibility and Low Dose Technology™ (LDT) to minimize radiation exposure to patients while providing clinically rich imaging.

The OP300 Maxio is a perfect example of how Instrumentarium Dental works closely with clinical partners to provide innovation that delivers new and advanced imaging tools while lowering the radiation dose level provided to patients.

Enhanced Treatment Software

The latest treatment planning software, Invivo 5.3, provides easy-to-use, advanced treatment planning tools for implant, endodontic, orthodontic, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and airway treatment. The enhanced software is now capable of combining digital impressions and cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans for improved accuracy in treatment planning. Packaged in this new software release are new restoration tools to improve communication between dental professionals and labs. In addition, a new implant-planning tool provides higher flexibility and a seamless implant selection and placement process.

Imaging Solutions for All Treatments

Expanded 3D imaging now captures the full maxillofacial area. OP300 Maxio captures multiple imaging resolutions and fields-of-view—from high resolution 5 x 5-cm scans for single-site implants or localized diagnostics, to low-dose 13 x15 cm scans. Additionally, the OP300 Maxio’s multilayer panoramic option provides five panoramic images with only one scan. This enables forgiving patient positioning and reduces retake exposures. Multilayer images are achieved in the same scanning time and dose as the traditional panoramic scan. With 3D imaging, as well as 2D panoramic and cephalometric imaging functions, OP300 Maxio provides control without compromise.

Low Dose Technology

Low Dose Technology provides quality-optimized images with a very low dose across all fields-of-view. As a result, Low Dose Technology is ideal for dose-sensitive applications such as pediatric patients, follow-up imaging, or implant planning. All of these cases may be assessed with low radiation dosage while still maintaining the clinical value.

In addition, Automatic Dose Control (ADC) provides individually adjusted dose for every anatomy. True penetration is measured for each patient and exposure values are adjusted automatically based on these individual measurements, offering personalized care and mindful dosing.

A Comprehensive Imaging Solution

OP300 Maxio is the most comprehensive 3-in-1 platform with a full range of clinically proven imaging programs designed for today and tomorrow. OP300 combines state-of-the-art software, advanced diagnostic technology, and low radiation dosing to give clinicians a truly adaptable platform for different imaging applications and dental specialties. It is also a smart investment, since OP300 Maxio is designed and built as an expandable platform, in which both 3D and cephalometric options are field upgradeable. OP300 Maxio can truly grow with your practice and be tailored to your preferences.

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